Hlsg50 Rapid Wet Type Mixer Granulator

Model NO.: HLSG50
Warranty: 1 Year
Product Name: Hlsg50 Rapid Wet Type Mixer Granulator
Feature: Mixing, Wetting and Granulating
Bowl Volume Litre: 50L
Max Material Charge Amount: 15kgs
Mixing Power: 5/7.5kw
Trademark: NOAH
Specification: 1600*650*1300mm
Origin: Jiangsu, China
HLSG50 Rapid Wet Type Mixer Granulator


Mixing granulator, the process of Mixing, Wetting and granulating can be completed in single working period. It is suitable in the line of pharmaceutical, food, chemicals industry. It is one of the advanced facilities which meets the GMP requirement and has the characteristics of high efficiency, best quality, low consumer, none pollution as well as safety, etc.

1.Mixing and granulation in a stainless steel construction.
2.The journal is sealed by clear air.
3.Three-dinensional stirring and mixing that ensure high Degree of consistency. The Process of mixing.
Granulating can be Completed in single. working period which meets the GMP requirement.
Compare with other normal equipment. The efficiency is 4-5 times higher than that of Others. but the consumption for adhesive is 15-20% less than the traditional technology.
4.Having protective device that en-sure produce safety.

Operating Principle:
The granulating process is divided into two procedures of mixing and granulating forming, which are finished in the same vessel. Powder materials in the fixed tapered vessel are hit and dispersed into semi fluid rolling state and given a complete mixture under the stirring action of mixed stock. With the infusion of bond, the powder is gradually moistened and the shape of materials is changed, which has strengthened the extrusion, attrition and kneading functions of the mixing paddle and vessel wall on the materials and thus formed evenly wet soft materials. These soft materials gradually turn into fine and homogeneous wet grains under the high -speed cutting and grain forming of the granulating paddle and eventually discharged through the outlet. The grain size is dependable on the material characteristics, rate of material preparing tool and time of grain forming.

Small models:
Hlsg50 Rapid Wet Type Mixer Granulator

Big models:
Hlsg50 Rapid Wet Type Mixer Granulator


Main Uses:
It is suitable for producing tablets and capsules in pharmaceutical industry and may provide ideal granular raw materials for the operation process of tablet or capsule forming. 

Main Characteristics:

1)Grains produced by this machine enjoy true-ball sense, good fluidity and homogeneous material, which may effectively boost tablet pressing, improve tablet quality and enhance the capsule filling and thus make the tablets enjoy better brightness, hardness, disintegration and discharge. The production cost is also saved.
2)All the part in contact with materials and the appearance part is made of stainless steel 304.
3)Based on the different features of Chinese and western medicines, wet process mixer granulators are divided into Chinese medicine type and western medicine type.
4)Human-computer interface/PLC control may be configured or exclusion may be adopted according to the demand of customers

Main Technical Parameters:

Model HLSG10 HLSG50 HLSG100 HLSG150 HLSG200 HLSG300
Capacity L 10 50 100 150 200 300
Output kg/batch 3 15 40 50 80 100-130
Mixing Power kw 0.8 5.5 7.5 6.5 13 22
Mixing Speed r/min 430-600 25-500 25-500 220-330 25-500 10-150
Dimension mm 980*420*1250 1600*650*1300 1700*680*1300 1850*830*1340 1950*920*1450 2200*1000*1685
Net weight kg 200 300 500 600 850 1200

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Hlsg50 Rapid Wet Type Mixer Granulator

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Hlsg50 Rapid Wet Type Mixer Granulator

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Hlsg50 Rapid Wet Type Mixer Granulator

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Yangzhou Nuoya Machinery Co., Ltd. is one famous group and apply itself to R&D, manufacture machinery for Pharmaceutical,Chemical,food, etc fields.

Our Main Products are: Blister packaging machines, Capsule filling machine, Softgel/paintball making machine, Filling machines, Filing and sealing machines, Boxing/cartoning machines, Tablet press,Mixer,Crusher,Granulator,Dryer,Coater,Packing machine,Filling Machine,Miller and Pulverizer, Feeder,Oven, Deduster, Dust Collector, vibration sieves... 
We also supply punch die sets and spare parts in standard or not.
The Headquarter is located in The beautiful,historical and cultural City-Yangzhou.


Hlsg50 Rapid Wet Type Mixer Granulator


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