90-strong female college students take responsibility for their family

90-strong female college students take action to assume family responsibility diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-05-05

Nanning, May 4th When many of his peers still enjoy the carefree youthful time, the 90-year-old Zhuangjia girl at Guangxi University of Foreign Languages ​​has to pick up the burden of life. The poverty of the family and the serious illness of her mother were like a big mountain pressing on her shoulders, but she gave a special answer to youth with an optimistic and strong attitude.
Yan Zhishui was born in a Zhuang family in Xing Village, Sannong Township, Duan County, Hechi City, Guangxi Province. There are 80 grandparents, two elder sisters and parents, and a total of seven people. When he was a child, his family could only rely on their parents to cultivate more than two acres of corn at home, and rice was difficult to maintain their livelihood. Because it is “eat on the heavens”, it will be even more difficult for families in drought and flood years.
In order to reduce the burden on parents, the sixth grade of Yanzhi Primary School began to learn to weave straw hats to make up for the family. She told reporters that when I first started studying, I could only make about five stories a day, and I could only make five yuan out of cost. Later, as the technology became more sophisticated, she could weave more than 20 straw hats a day and earn more than 300 yuan a month. During winter and summer vacations, she will also go to Guangdong to do some odd jobs to supplement tuition.
Although the family's economic conditions are not good, but with other children in the village early to drop out of school to work is different, Yan Yan juice mother always believes that only more reading will have a good life in the future. Therefore, Yan Yanju and Erjie are the only girls in the village who are admitted to college. In order to save the cost of living, Yan Yanju usually eats only one serving of vegetables and one serving of rice at each meal in the school and spends about 2 yuan. The reporter asked: Does nutrition keep up with it? Yan Yanju smiled and said: "Sometimes you can eat rice flour, there is meat inside, but it costs 4 yuan."
Yan Yanzhi devotes herself to studying hard during her studies at university and will improve her family environment in the future and respect her parents. But life has made a big joke with her.
In March 2012, her mother, who was working in Shenzhen, was diagnosed with multiple bone tumors and uremia due to her physical discomfort at the hospital for many years, and her condition has progressed to the late stage. After 20 days of hospitalization, she spent 20,000 yuan. Diverse, family members had to borrow money from relatives and friends for emergency.
When I first learned of my mother’s condition, the whole man was paralyzed and cried a bit in the playground on the campus. Her friends also said that during the period of time, the original bright and savory juice often appeared panic. Later, the school learned of Yan Sanjue’s experience and organized a fundraising event for her to resolve the urgent needs of her family.
After the sadness, Yan Yanzhi learned more diligently. Not only did she receive various scholarships and scholarships for her outstanding achievements, but she also won the honorary title of “Celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the Communist Youth League” and was selected by Nanning TV as In 2012, "Nanning Youth May Fourth Youth Model".
Yan Yanzhi told reporters: "My mother's desire is to see our sisters have a good life and see that I have successfully completed my studies."
Today, my mother’s illness is getting worse. Although she cannot help her mother share the pain, she says she will still be strong and optimistic. She wishes her mother to work harder at the same time as she wishes to recover soon. She said: “I will tell you by action that after the 90s are the generations who dare to take responsibility. I will use my own efforts to reward parents, schools and society for my love.”
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