Improve and standardize the technical indicators of medium wire cutting machine

In the development of reciprocating wire-cutting machine tools in recent years, the application of multiple cutting technology, both machining accuracy and surface roughness, has solved the directional problems for the development of wire-cutting technology in China, and China's wire-cutting technology. In a new stage, it has become possible to upgrade China's reciprocating wire-cutting wire-cutting machine tools to higher grades. However, if these possibilities are made into reality, there is still a long way to go. There is still a considerable gap between slow walking and silk walking. However, for entry-level walking wire, this gap has indeed narrowed.
So, how to reduce and quantify the gap between walking silk and walking silk, I think that will be reflected from two aspects, first, the overall improvement of technical indicators, and second, people-oriented, to achieve intelligent operation.
First, the comprehensiveness of the technical indicators <br> The difference between walking silk and fast walking is the use of multiple cutting technologies. For the wire cutting machine, the technical requirements in GB7926-87 and GB7926-2005 are reasonable and basic. Covering the promotion and application of fast-cutting wire-cutting machine tools, however, when multiple-cutting technology was applied to fast-cut wire-cutting machine tools, the situation has changed. Although the surface roughness of wire-cutting wire-cutting machine tools has improved significantly, The unilateral discharge of the electrode wire formed during the knife-cutting process makes the machining accuracy more uncertain. If it still stays in the several original indexes of GB7926, the generality of the wire-cutting wire-cutting machine will be obvious. Defects, so in order to enable the healthy development of the wire removal wire cutting machine tool, the comprehensiveness of its indicators should be re-evaluated to avoid the embarrassing situation of "reaching the standard but not practical, practical but non-standard".
Specifically speaking, comprehensiveness is advancing with the times. When many cutting technologies have appeared in the market, the technology of the wire-cutting machine will be influenced in the transition of the manufacturing industry to “good and fast”. The specifications are standardized so that the multiple cutting technologies of WEDM can be applied correctly and effectively to the manufacturing industry.
Taking only jumping bucks and precision parts processing as an example, it not only has the requirement of surface roughness and machining accuracy for medium wire cutting machines, but also has the consistency requirements for continuous processing, which are indispensable for precision manufacturing. Wire-cutting wire-cutting machine tool can effectively improve the surface machining quality by repairing the knife. However, due to the uncertainties of single-side discharge, it will have a greater negative impact on the stability of the processing dimensions. Taking continuous processing of multiple identical parts as an example, The dimensional error of the first and the last piece cannot meet the actual use requirement if it is not specified. For example, when a certain thickness (such as 100mm) is used for multiple cutting processing, it is also caused by the unilateral discharge. Size errors vary greatly and need to be re-specified.
It can be seen that after the multiple cutting technology is applied, it is very important to standardize the indicators such as the consistent dimensional error and the longitudinal section size error of more than 100mm, and a comprehensive assessment of the technical indicators of the go wire should be given in the form of standards. .
It is normal for the standard to lag behind the development of the product, but the long-term lag is not normal and it should not be.
Second, the science of silking technical indicators <br> The biggest difference between walking silk and walking silk lies in the reciprocating operation and repeated use of the wire electrode. Although it fully reflects the cost advantage, it also brings about unpredictable processing conditions. The troubles are precisely due to the repeated use of the electrode wire of the wire-cutting wire-cutting machine tool. Therefore, the technical indicators of the wire-moving wire are not only space-efficient but also time-consuming. In other words, the technical indicators of the wire-moving wire must be raised to a certain height. Reflecting the upgrading of fast-moving wire-cutting machine tools, we also need to standardize the maintenance time of this indicator. Examples are as follows:
2.1, surface roughness index In terms of Ra value is certainly the smaller the better, but for the stability of Ra value of the wire cutting machine is more important, Ra value is smaller, only cut a small sample is no practical value, Only when the Ra value is sufficient to maintain the completion of a set of dies or batches of parts in the machining process, can it be accepted by the market. Therefore, the surface roughness index should have time requirements. It is recommended that the surface roughness be marked as: Ra Values/continuous machining area, eg: Ra=1.0 μm/30000 mm 2 , continuous machining of 30,000 mm 2 and Ra value of up to 1.0 μm.
2.2, processing accuracy index The current GB7926 standard has clear requirements for the relative error of the transverse cross-sectional dimensions and the dimensional error of the longitudinal section. This is only for a single cut. When using multiple cuts, only the accuracy of cutting all directions is not comprehensive. When consecutively cutting ten or even dozens of identical squares (multiple cuts), their consistency error is very important. The dimensional accuracy of the transverse section is no better, if the dispersion of its size is large, in the batch part and jump There is no interchangeability in the precision machining of the step mold; the consistency error is also the time specification of the accuracy index.
It is recommended that the consistency of the accuracy of the mark: tolerance value / quantity, such as: 0.005/30, when both continuous processing 30, the consistency error of 0.005mm.
The relative error of longitudinal section size should be marked as: allowable difference/height, such as 0.005/100mm, the relative error of longitudinal dimension is 0.005mm when the thickness is 100mm in multiple cuts.
2.3. Maximum cutting efficiency index The reciprocating moving wire is different from the one-way walking wire. The maximum machining efficiency is an absolute value for the slow walking wire. If the wire electrode is not blown, it can be processed as large as possible. Therefore, there is a maximum processing efficiency, which is the advantage of the disposable electrode wire; and the electrode wire of the wire-cutting wire-cutting machine tool is reciprocated and used cyclically, and the continuation of the recycling must be considered, so the cutting efficiency should be a relative value; The maximum cutting efficiency regardless of the consequences is not meaningful for the middle wire cutting machine; the cutting efficiency of the medium wire cutting machine should be a relative value, or more scientific with the efficiency plus life, and should be marked as : Tolerance/time, such as: 150mm2/min/60h, this means that continuous cutting can be performed for 60 hours at a cutting efficiency of 150mm2 per minute.
Third, the improvement of technical indicators <br> Upgrading the technical indicators of China Wires is a problem of two aspects, manufacturers must create these indicators, and users are to obtain these indicators, manufacturers in the creation of these indicators while not Regardless of how the user obtains these indicators; if a good technical indicator can only be obtained through the operator's personal “craft”, it means that the improvement of the indicator is flawed. In this regard, walking in the wire is always a model for China’s silkworm learning. .
Misunderstandings, closed-loop control universalization In order to emphasize the positioning accuracy of the machine tool, some dealers overemphasized the full-closed-loop control of the worktable during the sales promotion. It seemed that the positioning accuracy of the machine tool was completely pinned on the full-closed-loop control. In fact, it was necessary. In order to fully realize the technical advantages of full-closed-loop control, the structure of the machine tool itself and the manufacturing process level are fundamental guarantees. It is well-known that the detection position of the scale is not the machining position of the machine tool, and the distance between the two forms a measurement. Abbe's error, coupled with the difference in the structure and manufacturing of the machine tool, the resulting system error will also directly affect the accuracy of the grating ruler, making the actual moving distance of the processing position and the measuring distance of the grating rule inconsistent, so improve the positioning accuracy of the machine tool Instead of relying solely on full-closed-loop control, it will be possible to have a well-designed machine tool structure and mature manufacturing process as a solid foundation, and full-closed-loop control technology can truly play a role.
Misunderstandings II: Idealization of guides At present, most wire-moving machine tools on the market are equipped with wire guides. In the words of an authoritative source, the wear of the middle wire guide is dozens of times slower. The displacement of the electrode wire position caused by wear is also difficult to grasp, and it is unavoidable to affect the machining accuracy. In addition, thread replacement is extremely inconvenient, but the current medium wire cutting machine tool is required to obtain a satisfactory surface roughness. Degree, can only rely on this bauble, in the current situation of roughness and precision is difficult to deal with the situation, can only face the reality, the two rights to harm its light, and the accuracy of roughness; because if you even rough If the requirements are not met, the medium-strength wire-cutting machine will be even more excused. In such a situation, in the final analysis, it is still lacking in innovation. These phenomena all point out that the upgrading of the technical indicators of wire-cutting wire-cutting machine tools is still to be down to earth.
It can be imagined that if the operation of the medium-cutting wire-cutting machine tool is like walking wire, as long as the "material", "thickness", "roughness", etc. are input into the system, the operator does not need to tightly tighten the handshaking wheel to tighten the wire. It is no longer a time when the molybdenum wire passes through the guide and suffers much more, not to worry about the change of the diameter of the molybdenum wire. Between the leisurely time, it is easy to complete the processing of a jumping die, and then the wire is cut. Speaking of machine tools will naturally submerge in a voice of praise.
In short, the future of WEEKC is bright, but the road is also tortuous. In the current environment of economy and society, the flow of people, eagerness for quick success, large and small bosses rise up, and the "Labor Law" protects the preferences of disadvantaged groups. If companies want to pool a R&D team with independent innovation, it is difficult and risky. We can only focus on people, don’t fear dangers and dangers, meet challenges, take the scientific concept of development as a guide, proceed from reality, and face up to difficulties. Only by coping with the difficult times can we jointly create a bright future for wire cutting technology with Chinese characteristics.

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