Electric fluorine fluorine valve installation and maintenance

Due to its inherent special properties, the fluorine-plastic or plastic-lined corrosion-resistant valves and pipe fittings have the following characteristics in terms of product installation, maintenance and maintenance, etc. 1. Valve or pipe flange cover Do not disassemble, unless you are prepared to connect with the pipeline, PTFE flange surface may be due to temperature differences, foreign matter caused by scratches or distorted deformation of the seal deformation, as required to move the cover, must also be tested soon Reposition the cover to protect the PTFE flange. 2. Fluoroplastic or plastic lined valves and pipe fittings and pipe connections, the general is not in the use of shims, but with dissimilar materials (metal surface, etc.) flange face phase, should be the appropriate gasket to protect the PTFE method Orchid 3. Products in the system, such as leakage occurs in the higher, the system should be the first temperature dropped to room temperature, and then identify the reasons for maintenance. 4. Do not allow any high-temperature welding work on the valve and pipe fittings, so as to avoid permanent damage to the lining. 5. Installation is the flange nut should be diagonally (symmetrically) followed by uniform tightening, and with the appropriate torque: (1) flange sealing surface leak, and the leakage position nut has been locked, then you should relax the leak Position the nut a half turn, apply the same torque on its opposite side and lock it again. (2) When the above measures have not yet stopped leakage, should test whether there are concave and convex indentations on the PTFE flange surface, scratched, then available fine paper, cloth to be leveling reconnection. 6. Valves and fittings should be stored in a dry and ventilated room, stacking is prohibited. 7. Long-term storage of the valve should be sealed micro-Kai state should be separated to avoid long-term pressure seal permanent deformation, affecting the sealing performance and service life. 8. Manual operation of the valve, the force is not allowed to force open with other leverage, off the valve. 9. There are directional requirements of the valve is installed to pay attention to the flow of the medium should be less on the valve arrow, and to ensure that the operation, easy maintenance. 10. After the maintenance of the valve before use according to the relevant standard test before installation.

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