EMAG high-end CNC machine tools settled in Jiangsu

EMAG high-end CNC machine tools settled in Jiangsu Both EMAG (China) and Germany and China showed great patience for the project – because at the end of last year, tens of millions of yuan had been invested and 7,000 square meters of standard workshops had been rented as an experimental factory.

"Since the first batch of 5 machine tools had been off the Assembly Line on April 15 last year, 45 of them have been shipped to the factory." With Liu Yixin entering the experimental factory, another neat and orderly sight was seen. He said: "Emack's newly developed VL5-type machine tool has produced the first 10 prototypes at its German headquarters and has now all been transferred to production here to provide Chinese customers with the best cost-effective precision machinery options."

The machining Production Line covering gears and key components of high-end numerically-controlled machine tools has also been fully installed and is being commissioned by German technicians in the final stage. It can be put into production early this month.

Liu Yixin stated frankly that the EMAG (China) project has received a lot of attention. It involves the approval of government departments and all of them are all green lights.

It is understood that EMAG (China) employees have increased from the initial 5 to more than 80 people, including 15 German managers and trainers. At the same time, EMAG (China) employs a number of management and technical personnel in the country and recruited in the province. Some front-line employees receive dual education training. Five years later, the company's employees will be around 1,000, and will produce 3,000 high-end CNC machine tools annually, with sales of 10 billion yuan.

Jintan Municipal Standing Committee and Party Secretary of the Jintan Economic Development Zone Cha Yaqiang believe that with the settlement and formal establishment of EMAG, it will effectively attract European and American and Asian enterprises to Jintan Economic Development Zone, from the management concept and technical content. Such areas as rapid increase in the level of mechanical equipment manufacturing Jintan.

Steps of building automatic line:
1, the product is immature, there is no stable ready-made process, product life cycle, product annual output
2, if there is automatic line, Automatic Machine or the same type of production line for reference.
3, whether all products can automatic feeding, product structure is suitable for automatic assembly, automatic assembly to change the feeding material, modified materials instead of packaging, part of product structure, product assembly a chamfer there, add to the appropriate.
4, some testing instruments may be manual, be instead of automatic operation.
5, if the production line site has no limit, determine the length of the production line width.
6. The layout structure of the production line is determined as follows: straight line without load type, straight line horizontal carrier backflow type, straight line download with reflux type, multiple turntable direct connection, turntable plum blossom type, right angle type, U form.
7, the production line standard accessories brand determination.
8, production line vulnerability and spare parts determination.
9, the production line acceptance standards identified.
10, both sides of the program audit
11, price determination, contract with the determination of the two sides to determine the follow-up, single order production delivery.

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