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3D printer makes miniature liver organs Today's 3D printers have revolutionized the medical community. Recently, a U.S. company used 3D printing to create miniature liver organs with a depth of 0.5 mm and a width of 4 mm. Miniature livers produce albumin.

Organovo produced about 20 layers of living cells layer-by-layer using a 3D printer with two print heads to create this miniature organ. A print head of a 3D printer is responsible for printing scaffolds, and another print head prints human cells layer by layer to form an organ structure.

This printed organ has many of the main functions of a real liver organ, such as the production of proteins that transport hormones, delivery of salts and drugs throughout the body, and delivery of nutrients and oxygen that can accompany cells from the blood vessels to the liver. Miniature liver organs are a great improvement compared to 2D cultured cells. Not only are the functions more complete, but the number of surviving days is also greatly increased. This 3D honeycomb can survive for more than 5 days.

This has a positive impact on the study of infectious diseases and can also have a major impact on monitoring the field of drug therapy. For some familial diseases that are closely related to the lack of proteins, micro-hepatic organs will balance the proteins in the body and have a tremendous effect on the treatment of diseases. At present, scientists are printing larger blood vessel networks to nourish the actual size of human organ tissue.

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