Analysis of the impact of the introduction of the EMC model in the LED industry

LED lighting has always been the main battlefield of government street lighting projects. Diligence and Rongwen have successively taken over municipal projects across the country, and the competition is fierce. However, China on Monday. Dongguan Contract Energy Management promotes the LED industry development summit forum, the Science and Technology Bureau Development Planning Division Li Yaoqiu Chief explains the development status of Dongguan LED industry, pointing out that the company's indoor lighting transformation can save energy for enterprises to save electricity, and the EMC model with the government can also Introduced interior lighting renovation.
The completion rate of indoor lights is low. As of the end of May, in the LED promotion plan of Dongguan, the street lights were only completed 35, many towns and streets have been in full swing; the indoor lights have only been completed 6, and in the final year of the implementation of the plan, the transformation pressure is great.
LED projects must be given priority to government projects, EMC is easy to implement, not bad money. An industry insider said that due to the special nature of EMC and the price of LED street lamps, the implementation of municipal projects is easier. Hundreds of indoor lights want to enter the home, there is still resistance.
Invited expert Yu Shukui of China Lighting Society analyzed the development status of LED industry. In the early stage of high LED lighting market cost, EMC was once considered as a tool to open up the market, which can reduce the production cost of the owner and achieve energy saving and emission reduction. aims. But the fly in the ointment is that the seemingly beautiful EMC model, in reality there are malicious competition, low profit, difficult communication with users, lack of professional energy-saving service companies, etc., resulting in EMC models in the Chinese market. EMC enters ordinary homes, and the small amount of individual projects and the large number of managements are also the reasons for the low completion rate of indoor lamps.
The factory is targeted for indoor lighting promotion targets. Dongguan also encourages government agencies to use LEDs for lighting renovation. However, the promotion of an industry must be separated from government procurement and return to the market. Who will become the breakthrough of indoor lights?
During the two sessions last year, Yuan Shihao, member of the Standing Committee of Dongguan Municipal CPPCC and chairman of Dongguan Yinghui Group, proposed in the proposal "Promoting further promotion of LED indoor lighting applications" that comprehensively promoting the use of LEDs for indoor lighting can save a lot of electricity and change the power supply of enterprises. Insufficient to dare to take orders. At the same time, with the implementation of the pilot peak power electricity trading pilot project by Dongguan power companies, the surplus power of enterprises can also be traded, and the benefits of power saving are highlighted.
The person in charge of Dalang Xinma Mao Weaving Factory introduced that their company accepted Yingtong Optoelectronics to make LED transformation on 3383 lamps, each lamp saves 70, according to a lamp to save 24W, electricity price 9 cents, daily lighting time 10 hours, 360 days a year to calculate, a year's electricity bill can save more than 300,000 yuan. Through the EMC model, the total cost of management, operation, and electricity bills paid by the enterprise is also less than the total amount of the original electricity bill.
In the interior of the renovation, the company is more motivated than the community and office buildings. Yang Zhiying, general manager of Yeston Optoelectronics, said that he has taken the lead in transferring the battlefield to the factory.
EMC: Contract energy management, widely known in China as EMC (Energy Management Contracting), is a new type of market-oriented energy-saving mechanism. The essence is an energy-saving business method that pays for the full cost of energy-saving projects with reduced energy costs. Putting it into the LED industry, it is customary to use the lamp to pay for the lamp, the actual electricity bill, the seller's operation and other expenses.

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