Digital valve controller gains new corrosion resistance

Digital valve controller gains new corrosion resistance With stainless steel housings, Emerson's FisherFIELDVUEDVC6200 digital valve controller series has acquired new capabilities to withstand the corrosive environment in chemical plants, pulp and paper mills, and offshore and offshore oil and gas facilities.

All DVC6200 series instruments utilize a patented, contactless, rodless feedback design to detect valve position. This valve positioning technology eliminates all stroke feedback problems caused by corrosion, high cycle or high vibration applications.

In addition to external protection, stainless steel housings for digital controllers with fully packaged printed circuit boards also have corrosion resistance. The protection of internal components is further enhanced by the use of a weatherproof junction box to separate the field wiring terminals from the rest of the instrument.

With more than 1 million FIELDVUE digital valve controllers installed worldwide, it has proven to be extremely suitable for unmatched valve performance in a variety of harsh engineering environments. The DVC6200 series is certified with CSA, IECEx, ATEX and FM hazardous area certifications and other certifications/approvals. It also passed Lloyd's Register's industrial, marine and offshore applications certification.

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