Study shows that insomnia increases the risk of cardiovascular death

Insomnia is not only a potential debilitating disorder but also a higher mortality rate for men, according to a new study in the journal “Circulation”. Insomnia is a common health problem, especially in the elderly, but the link between the risk of death from this common sleep disorder and its effects has not been clear, "said research author Yan Ping Li, Ph.D., a researcher in medical research at Boston Brigham Women's Hospital (BWH) Our study shows that in men experiencing specific insomnia symptoms, there is an unresolved issue of cardiovascular disease that increases the risk of death.

The researchers found that it was difficult to fall asleep, and the quality of sleep was poor, mainly related to the high risk of death from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. In the study, BWH researchers tracked more than 23,000 men who reported any six-year insomnia symptoms. From 2004 to 2010, researchers recorded the deaths of more than 2,000 participants, using data from government and family sources. Accounting factors such as age and chronic illness, the researchers found that 55% and 32% of men said that they either have difficulty falling asleep or sleep quality increases after suffering cardiovascular disease-related mortality more than six-year follow-up when participants No symptoms of insomnia have been reported.

Dr. Says: We know that sleep is important for cardiovascular health and many studies have poorly linked or poor sleep and cardiovascular risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease, BWH and Harvard School of Public Health study authors. Now we know that not only can poor sleep affect the risk of disease, but it can also affect our life span.

Although further research is needed to confirm these findings, there is considerable evidence that practicing good sleep hygiene and prioritizing adequate and comfortable sleep is a frequently overlooked but importantly important risk factor for changes in overall health. The new study, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), released preliminary results of its own research on Monday, arguing that curing insomnia patients' chances for a full recovery of cognitive impairment and bipolar disorder are frequent.

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