Volkswagen SUV model wild hardcore debut

Volkswagen SUV model wild hardcore debut On November 18th, the Shanghai Volkswagen Skoda brand officially launched its high-performance Pure German SUV model Yeti. It is reported that the Yeti Wild Emperor is equipped with the VAS’s highly prestigious TSI engine, offering 1.4TSI and 1.8TSI power options, matching high-performance 6-speed DSG dual clutch transmission, 7-speed DSG dual clutch transmission and 5-speed Three gearboxes for manual gearbox selection, combined with different configurations, launched a total of seven models with a price range of 16.58-24.18 million yuan. Yeti Yedi not only possesses the spatial performance of smart intelligence, easy and convenient driving configuration, and worry-free and intimate security protection, but also demonstrates the brand concept of pioneering life and dominating the true self with its distinctive design style and powerful performance. With the launch of Yeti Yedi, Shanghai Volkswagen Skoda also further enriched and improved its product structure, achieved coverage of the domestic hot SUV market, and effectively improved the brand's overall competitiveness.

The distinctive personality of the modelling performance is outstanding. As the SUV model of Shanghai Volkswagen Skoda launched this year, Yeti is a masterpiece of the 100-year Skoda design language. It integrates the German craftsmanship with exquisite craftsmanship. Its tough design features a distinctive personality, and its powerful off-road capability is at the same level. , Bringing a new experience to the domestic SUV market.

In the design style, Yeti has a unique hard-core temperament, personalized European style off-road appearance and Skoda's modern atmosphere of the family design language is a perfect fusion, showing a distinct personality style. At Yeti, there is an exclusive off-road design for SUVs throughout the vehicle. It's an eye-catching, dynamic body line from the front to the back, a simple short front suspension, a sharp front suspension, a sharp roof line, and an arrow. Designs such as high-waist lines and enveloping SUV features such as large enclosures reveal pure hardcore SUV styles, while the blackened A, C, and D pillars, the black textured roof, and the high-dynamic black finish wheel hubs. Luxury chrome double exhaust tailpipes, smart two-color roof rack, front and rear bumper silver bottom trim and other design give even the Yeti unique fashion style. It is worth mentioning that Yeti Ye also provided an extraneous spare tire for Chinese consumers. It has a unique style in the domestic SUV market. This design not only visually enhances the spatial sense of the vehicle, but is also very practical. Effectively expand the storage space of the trunk. In addition, the Skoda family's new design language such as embossed chrome plated brand logo, V-shaped sculpture cover, four-leaf clover lamp group modeling and straight waterfall chrome grille, etc. are also fully applied on Yeti Yedi, showing a hundred years Skoda Unique brand charm.

Contrary to hard-core designs is Yeti's superior hard-core quality. In addition to an efficient power combination, Yeti’s intelligent full-time four-wheel drive system, advanced front McPherson independent suspension, rear four-link independent suspension, and full-track chassis design provide superior handling and chassis Passivity and ride comfort. Yeti is also equipped with a powerful intelligent OFF-ROAD off-road mode, which helps drivers to drive vehicles more easily on non-paved roads and steep slopes, and is highly competitive in its class. In addition, the fully-opened super wide-angle panoramic sunroof equipped by Yeti is also impressive. The panoramic sunroof has a wide open area and open area, equipped with smart double-open mode, electric anti-clamping, etc. Sex and safety. The Varioflex rear seat free combination system provided by Yeti is also unique in its class. Yeti's rear three independent seats can be freely adjusted according to individual needs, folding or dismantling according to the 40/20/40 ratio, the center seat backrest can turn into a wide handrail, the disassembled seat It can be used as a temporary cushion in the wild. At the same time, dual temperature zone independent thermostatic air conditioning, car Bluetooth voice system, LED daytime driving light, multi-function bi-xenon headlamps, PLA 2.0 smart parking aid, ESP body dynamic electronic stability system, GRA cruise control system , Reversing image assistance, fatigue reminders, ISOFIX child safety seat fixtures and other technology configuration are widely used in the Yeti Yedi to bring consumers distinguished experience.

Brand Positioning: Pioneering life dominates me. Based on the excellent product performance and Skoda brand has always emphasized the idea of ​​building a car for life, this time Shanghai Volkswagen Skoda has unique insights on the setting of the Yeti target group. Beyond age, occupation, income, and other common factors, Yeti Yedi paid more attention to the relationship between lifestyle and life philosophy in the positioning of the crowd.

Yeti Yedi is faced with such a group of people: they have a distinct personality and have a full understanding of themselves; they have a clear goal and clear direction of life; they believe in themselves, pursue their own style, and have sufficient control over their lives; they are passionate about progress. We are eager to open up a new realm of life and appreciate the new landscape of a more magnificent life. Yeti's swaying personality design style and unrestrained off-road performance undoubtedly perfectly meet the expectations of this group of people on the ideal car. “Keeping the life to dominate me” is exactly the brand spirit of Yeti Yedi. According to reports, the theme of the Yeti Yedi public meeting was "The more cross-country oneself," is the slogan of Yeti Yedi. In this regard, Shanghai Volkswagen Skoda said that "Vietnam" represents the ability to transcend; "Wildness" represents the scope, vision; "Off-Road" represents the performance of the SUV, but also represents the radius of surpassing life; "Self" is not just a narrow sense of " "I" represents the distinct personality and attitude of life of the target consumer group Yeti. "The more oneself" represents the state of transcending life and surpassing ordinary life. “Offroad is more of yourself”, meaning that Yeti will lead the consumer beyond the status quo of life and the radius of life to explore more possibilities. From the perspective of product characteristics and brand philosophy, Yeti is also a hard-core SUV with a distinct personality, a genuine personality, a strong off-road ability, and the ability to accompany consumers in expanding their lives.

As a very powerful SUV model, the listing of Yeti Yedi officially sounded the clarion call of the Shanghai Volkswagen Skoda brand to enter the domestic SUV market. With its unique hard-core design style, powerful off-road performance and distinguished and comfortable technology configuration, Yeti is expected to inject a brand new hardcore personality style into the domestic SUV market. With the launch of Yeti Yedi, Shanghai Volkswagen Skoda has also achieved coverage of the increasingly prosperous SUV market, and brand development has entered a new era.

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