The significance of measuring soil water potential

The significance of measuring soil water potential
Water is the source of life. Soil water determines the fate of animals and plants, the environment for human survival, and related technologies. Soil water potential is an important indicator used to measure soil moisture. It is also an indicator to measure the amount of water used for irrigation. When measuring, consider the nature of the soil. The moisture in the soil can be measured using a digital tension meter.
Measuring soil water potential is used to guide agricultural production. Different plants, different growth periods, and different requirements for soil moisture content should be treated differently. When the soil water potential reaches the upper limit negative pressure and suction of a certain growth period of a certain plant, it means that the soil moisture content of the plant root can no longer meet the needs of its growth; when the lower limit negative pressure suction index is reached, it means that the root soil moisture content of the plant has been Achieve rich standards, high water content, poor air permeability, too long flooding time, drastic decrease in oxygen content in the soil, limited microbial activity, reduced redox potential, the plant roots in a reduced state, toxic gas H more Produced, the plant roots began to rot; the second is to observe the dynamic changes in the soil moisture and spatial three-dimensional distribution; the third is to observe the plant in a growing season, the water content is not the same, the impact on the yield. And the measurement of soil water potential use Digital tension meter is a wise move. Its functions and advantages are reflected in the following aspects:
1. High precision and high resolution can simultaneously measure the water potential and temperature of the soil (TRS-II type can measure the water potential and temperature).
2, the instrument is simple, easy to carry, use flexible, you can only purchase a set of instruments, multiple probes.
3, with automatic grab soil moisture peak function.
4, with time setting function, full-scale setting function, automatic save function.
5. Simultaneous recording of temperature, water potential, time, memory number, and backlight function.
6, automatic shutdown feature. In the absence of a monitor button, the monitor automatically turns off after 10 minutes.

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