ORA-X smart glasses sell for $300

According to reports, in the smart glasses, Google glasses are the most well-known, but the high selling price of 1,500 US dollars (about 9209 yuan) makes many consumers discourage it. The smart glasses named "ORA-X" will be available next summer, priced at only 300 US dollars (about 1842 yuan).
Optimvent, a French optical technology company, is not a newcomer and it has been working on the development of augmented reality glasses for the past few years. With the company launching the ORA-1 smart glasses project for developers on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, it appears that it is ready to launch a mainstream product that challenges Google Glass.
The smart glasses Optimvent writes clearly on the Kickstarter page that ORA-1 is not a smart eyewear for consumers, but is intended to provide developers with a platform for building applications.
The ORA-1 features a “Flip-Vu” feature that allows the wearer to be in an augmented reality mode (virtual display in the center of the wearer's field of vision) or in a glance mode (virtual display is located below the field of view).
This smart glasses can be run as a stand-alone Android device (currently powered by Android 4.2.2 system, planned to be upgraded to KitKat) and equipped with an Android application. "ORA is very much like an Android tablet wearing a spectacles coat," wrote the crowdfunding page.
Although the ORA-1 for developers looks clumsy, Optinvent said that the next generation of products will increase in appearance by 60% and increase power consumption by 40%.
ORA-1 is expected to ship in January next year, and the consumer version will ship in June next year.

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