Every time you repair the piston ring, you must grind the shoulder in the cylinder.

According to the phenomenon of cylinder failure, the reason for the serious wear is as follows: the lubricating oil injection point of the cylinder is in the middle of the cylinder. During normal operation, the injected lubricating oil is evenly distributed along the cylinder wall, and the piston ring is used for the piston ring and cylinder. Lubricate between mirrors. In actual operation, since the piston ring cannot run to the middle, the injected lubricating oil can not be in good contact with the piston ring to lubricate, so that the piston ring operating region forms a semi-dry friction, resulting in serious wear of the piston ring operating region. The flow direction of the lubricating oil in the cylinder The reason why the shoulder appears in the middle of the cylinder mirror surface is based on the cylinder failure phenomenon and the structure of the piston body, and the secondary piston body is technically measured. According to actual measurements, the minimum spacing of the piston rings is greater than the stroke of the piston. According to the technical specifications of the piston compressor, the piston pitch of the piston ring is the minimum.

According to this analysis, the main reason for the presence of the shoulder in the middle of the cylinder mirror is the error in the structure of the secondary piston. At that time, the cylinder wear had reached the limit. The middle shoulder caused the piston ring to be unable to be loaded into the cylinder, and there was no replacement cylinder replacement. The shoulder was polished to form a taper, and the piston was put into use. In operation, due to the serious wear of the cylinder, the clearance between the piston and the cylinder mirror is large, and the seal between the piston ring and the cylinder mirror surface is poor. When the piston compressor works, gas leakage occurs, which invisibly affects production. At the same time, the piston jumps heavily in the cylinder, causing the piston ring to break. Generally, it takes 3 to 4 months to stop and repair due to the damage of the piston ring. Every time the piston ring is repaired, the shoulder in the cylinder should be ground, which makes the maintenance work very difficult, and the maintenance cost is greatly increased. Therefore, MH12-92/ The modification of the secondary piston body of the 314 compressor is imminent.

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