Features of Hangzhou Acetate Emission Materials

Features of Hangzhou Acetate Emission Materials
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The basic design idea of ​​the electron gun adopts Pierce design method. In this paper, the axisymmetric beam divergent electron gun adopts a large curvature radius anode and a small curvature radius cathode. In order to ensure that the electron beam emits in the radial direction, a 67.5 degree shape focusing pole needs to be designed to replace the field generated by the cutaway space charge. Approximate maintenance of the potential at the injection boundary and the invariance of the field. The anode hole with large area of ​​divergent electrons is very large, with a diameter of 11Omm. Due to the presence of the anode hole, the potential distribution of the ideal ball diode is destroyed and the non-uniformity of the current density is increased. In order to improve the electron beam inhomogeneity, the control grid (mesh) and the mesh anode are designed to ensure that the potential is approximately spherically distributed, and the control grid is added with 0.1% to 5% of the anode potential to control the electron flow.

The shape of the focusing electrode, the anode, and the cathode of the electron gun and the distance between the electrodes are given by computer aided design. According to the target surface of 1m2 and the target to the anode exit distance of 1M requirements.

Cathode structure:

a Select d = 0.23mm tungsten wire wound into a "convex" coil-like structure, tungsten wire length L = 35un, disk incense cathode diameter 3. ~ 4.O.mm.

bMillate cathode. The antimony salt emissive material is a cathode with a higher emission level in the yttrium tungsten cathode. Its characteristics: 1 large emission current; 2 good formability, not easily deformed.

The system has an electron source with uniform emission, good stability, and large radiation area. The ability to irradiate a wide range of materials can also be used for charging tests on exposed components and surface samples. The electron gun uses an acid-resistant cathode as the emitter. It has the characteristics of low emission temperature, high current density, long lifespan, pollution resistance, and good anti-toxicity.

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