·Experts say that China's special vehicles are facing internal crisis

Recently, at the 2014 China (Shanghai) Special Purpose Vehicle Industry Development International Forum, Wang Xia, president of the China International Trade Promotion Council Automotive Industry Branch, said that due to changes in the external economic environment, the downward pressure on the economy is very large, and the industry’s own problems have accumulated. , bringing great resistance to the development of special vehicles. For example, this year, a series of vicious traffic accidents involving hazardous chemicals transport vehicles occurred. The problems of special vehicles producing illegal vehicles, trading certificates, and production consistency were also frequently exposed by the media.

He believes that from the perspective of the external environment, the state has made key support and investment in projects such as high-speed rail, shantytown renovation, affordable housing construction, urban infrastructure construction, and rural water conservancy facilities through “micro-stimulus” macro-control measures, ensuring domestic The demand for special vehicles in the market provides a rare transition period for the transformation and upgrading of special-purpose vehicles. Special-purpose vehicle enterprises should vigorously develop service industries and emerging industries, and find more opportunities in the process of upgrading and upgrading traditional industries, as well as demand structure, industrial structure, urban-rural structure, and regional structure adjustment.

Regarding the problem of the special car itself, he believes that the crisis caused by the problem of the special car industry is more terrible than the pressure brought by the external environment. The reasons behind this are industry management issues, problems with the use of the environment, and problems with inadequate supervision. He said that China's special-purpose vehicle industry does not lack standard regulations, access systems or production consistency management regulations. The core of the problem lies in multi-head management, non-compliance with laws, and poor implementation. In this case, in order to completely solve the long-term problems accumulated by the industry itself, the key lies in prevention, law enforcement, supervision, and disciplinary action after violation of laws and regulations. In this regard, the automotive industry needs innovative management systems and models. This is a problem that the automobile industry, including special vehicles, must use to solve the problem of governing the country by the Fourth Plenary Session.

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