How to make the ion source emit beam characteristics

How to make the ion source emit beam characteristics
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Ion source extracted beam characteristics is one of the basis for the design of a special electric vacuum device. The research on the beam characteristics of the ion source extracted from the device provides the basis for the design of the ion optics system and other components of the device. On the other hand, the ion source performance index can be used to identify and understand the internal process of the ion source. However, due to many factors such as high pressure and radioactivity in the measurement of the extracted beam parameters of the ion source, it is difficult to determine the extracted beam characteristics of the ion source by a conventional technical method. For this reason, we first used the CR-39 track detector technology and the direct photographic method to study the beam characteristics induced by the ion source of the device. Among them, CR-39 is a kind of polycarbonate solid-core nuclear track detector which has been widely used in many fields. It can be used to record and identify all ions, with advantages of high sensitivity, uniformity, stability, high resolution, and good optical performance.

This paper presents some preliminary results of the CR-39 track detector and direct photographic method to obtain the distribution of the ion source extracted beam on the target surface and the device ion source to accelerate the gap spatial beam distribution. The experiment was conducted on a dynamic experimental device. In order to avoid the effects of high pressure and radioactivity, we took the radioactive components in special vacuum devices and replaced them with a CR 39 detector of the same size. The ion beam bombarded CR-39 detector was etched for 5 h in 56 °C aNH0 solution (6) M. After washing and drying, the CR-39 detector surface track was observed with a microscope. In addition, we monitored the target pressure waveform and ion source discharge current during the experiment. With the camera under the target pressure, the extracted beam distribution is photographed directly, and according to the intensity of the light in different positions in the obtained photograph, the Abel transforms to obtain the beam at the outlet of the ion source and the entrance of the target component shown in FIG. Intensity distribution.

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