·The 14th "Cargo Car Manager Salon" was held in Kunming

On August 28th, the 14th “Cargo Management Manager Salon” co-sponsored by China National Heavy Duty Truck Group and China Logistics and Purchasing Federation Logistics Equipment Committee was successfully held in Kunming, the spring city of Kunming.
Yu Youde, Deputy General Manager of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, Ma Zengrong, Secretary General of Logistics Equipment Committee of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, and Zhou Shaofang, Vice President of Yunnan Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, addressed Sharon from Yunnan Pan Asia Logistics, New Storage Logistics, Dali More than 100 representatives of more than 50 logistics companies, including Logistics Logistics, Qujing Fuyun Transportation, Qantas Aviation Logistics and Kunming Tobacco Logistics Transportation Team, participated in the salon activities.
Yu Youde pointed out in his speech that the rapid development of the logistics industry in recent years has brought new problems and requirements to the vehicle manufacturing industry. China National Heavy Duty Truck attaches great importance to the development of the logistics industry, with the goal of high reliability, high safety, high economy and high intelligence, focusing on the comprehensive improvement of logistics vehicle technology. China National Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd. cooperated with German Mann Company to launch the SITRAK series products quickly and in line with the world's advanced level, and has been recognized by customers and the market. Through this salon, China National Heavy Duty Truck hopes to better upgrade and improve its products, meet the needs of logistics vehicles, and make new contributions to the development of logistics.
Song Zhijun, deputy general manager of China National Heavy Duty Truck Marketing Department, introduced the history of heavy truck brand, advanced technology and the respective characteristics of SITRAK, HOWO T7, Howo light truck and heavy truck engine series products. The logistics vehicle selection matching, maintenance and development trends of logistics vehicles were thoroughly explained.
Shi Honglin, general manager of Yunnan Anning Wanjun Logistics Co., Ltd. shared his experience in using SITRAK vehicles. Anning Wanjun Logistics currently has 5 SITRAK semi-trailer tractors. SITRAK products ensure high attendance, high comfort and high safety with high reliability. Shi Honglin used the popular language and vivid examples to tell the personal experience of using SITRAK, and highly praised the efficient fuel economy and intelligence of the vehicle, which caused the resonance of the participating vehicle management managers.
Senior car management expert Shao Weijie explained the knowledge and literacy of the freight car management manager, and exchanged ideas on freight operation experience, driver management, fuel consumption management, vehicle cost management, safety and environmental protection and energy conservation. The atmosphere of the salon exchange was warm and full of communication. The discussion focused on vehicle cost management, driver recruitment and management, AMT automatic transmission in the highland area, intelligent management and fuel consumption control.
The SITRAK 6X4 tractor and C5H 4X2 van, which attracted the participation of the participants, attracted great interest from the participants with their tall and mighty appearance and luxurious vehicle configuration. They stopped to take photos and get on the bus to experience the car.

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