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The auction of private car licenses in Shanghai has once again been pushed to the forefront. On June 14th, from 19:30 to 20:30, the only "underwriter" of the Shanghai license auction, Shanghai Guopai, once again optimized and upgraded the license plate bidding auction bidding system, held a mock auction, but this simulated auction, Again, because of the system stuck, the word of mouth collapsed.
On June 15th, the WeChat circle of friends, an article entitled "National Shoot, You Make Shanghai Shame", received more than 100,000 readings in just 12 hours. Zhang Xiaoming, the author of the article, told the China Youth Daily reporter that he had experienced the "online bidding" on the evening of June 14th. "Tossing until 19:52, the bid was successful in the first stage; by 20:11, the auction system was fully carded. Die until the end of the auction."
It is quite ridiculous that the players who participated in the “simulated auction” showed a total of 69,452 people at 20 o'clock on the same day, and the real auction scene was that more than 150,000 people participated in the auction. This has to make people question the ability of the Shanghai auction to "take the auction". This morning, Chinanews.com announced that the Shanghai National Film Company believes that the aforementioned simulation system is suspected of being hacked and is analyzing relevant data.

In fact, the car license auction system that has been in force since December 1, 1997 has long been "street weather." Just a few days ago, Shanghai Guopai was also brought to court by several students from East China University of Political Science and Law. The students asked the state-owned enterprise to explain clearly why the sellers were bidding for this set of unstable and often unsuccessful bids. The system pays a fee of 100 yuan each time.
Every person pays 100 yuan each time, behind the "standing two billion"
The 100 yuan billing fee in the district is actually not the focus of Huazheng students. Like most people who participate in the Shanghai auction, they are actually questioning a core question about “buying and selling” – I paid enough, then I can enjoy the service I deserve.
At this point, at least from the situation of the simulated lottery on June 14, this state-owned enterprise auction company with the title of "Shanghai International" did not do it. Some netizens pointed out sharply that what Shanghai National Films is doing now is equivalent to "a cinema that can only accommodate 200 people and sold 1,000 tickets." Most people bought movie tickets but could not see movies.
The income of this "cinema" is quite impressive. According to the latest license auction data, a total of 150,000 people participated in the auction in May. These people must pay 100 yuan for this regardless of whether they take the Shanghai or Chinese card. Shanghai auctions a license every month, with only 7,000 licenses each time. According to the monthly participation of 150,000 people, Shanghai’s national “one-year fee” or “service fee” revenue is 180 million yuan. .
In Shanghai, buying a private car license is a "very annoying thing." The first time the dealer took part in the card-making, he first went to Shanghai to buy a bid for a few private car license auction announcement sites, and paid a deposit of 2,000 yuan for this. After that, every time the card was taken, it would be from the 2000 yuan deposit. Deduct 100 yuan as the cost of the card. This deposit will not be taken out until the license is obtained.
Someone has calculated an account, the deposit of 150,000 people is about 300 million yuan, and the 300 million yuan is calculated based on the annualized income of 6%, and it can bring interest of 18 million yuan per year for Shanghai Guopai. Coupled with the previous service fee income of 180 million yuan, Shanghai National Auction's annual income can reach nearly 200 million yuan.
But what about the annual exchange of 200 million yuan? When Mr. Fan, the Shanghai citizen, transmitted the final bid price in May, the bidding system showed that the sending of the information failed. Please check if your internet connection is normal and resubmit. After repeated submissions, the details are as follows: "Data transmission error, please try again!" Another person who participated in the private car signing also said that the system was "family" in the last few minutes.
It is reported that Shanghai International Commodity Auction Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive auction company approved by the Shanghai Municipal People's Government and the former Ministry of Domestic Trade. It is the auction agency designated by the Shanghai Municipal Traffic Management Bureau for “the only” private and private enterprise bus bidding auction and official vehicle bidding auction.
Because of its "unique" attribute, despite being "spoken" by consumers, the company is "firm". As a result, the annual private car license auction is monopolized by it.
Questioned, but still "firm"
In fact, the Shanghai National Auction, including the Shanghai Municipal Government, has long been “following the weather” on the issue of private car license auctions.
As early as 2004, the legality of the auction of private car licenses in Shanghai was questioned. At that time, the auction price of the Shanghai private car license was only 38,000 yuan to 39,000 yuan.
Huang Hai, then assistant to the Minister of Commerce of the State, once criticized Shanghai’s practice of auctioning private car licenses in violation of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Road Traffic Safety. At the two sessions, the NPC deputies also actively proposed many times and hoped that Shanghai could cancel the license auction.
In 2013, Shanghai tried to curb the excessive rise in the price of private car licenses through the “one month limit price, one month unlimited price” approach. The result is that in March 2013, in an "unlimited" month, the price of the Shanghai brand soared to 918,98 yuan.
In 2010, two lawyers stood up to sue the Shanghai government, one of whom was a well-known criminal defense lawyer, Swei Jiang. According to reports, when the court was in court, it was "a crowd of people and a full seat." He asked the legal basis for the auction of private car licenses in Shanghai. His colleague Yu Zhiyuan had just filed a lawsuit against the Shanghai government on the disclosure of the auction revenue and expenditure information.
However, all kinds of "tossing" have so far, the Shanghai auction system is still "going its own way."
Since January last year, Shanghai authorities have also "played" new tricks on the basis of the Shanghai-based auctions - the introduction of the "constant price limit" policy. This policy directly puts Shanghai's national auction and the set of fragile licensing systems operated by the national auction on the cusp.
According to the New Deal, the Shanghai auction will no longer follow the only law of “the highest bidder”, but will have a benchmark price. Each time the bidder bids, it must be done in the area where the so-called "warning price" floats up and down.
Shanghai people have to get a license plate with the word "Shanghai", and they have to search the Internet for complex strategies. It is really troublesome, you can spend 8,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan, please ask the yellow cattle.
The new rules are complicated. Simply put, the dealer needs to make two rounds of bidding between 10:30-11:00 and 11:00-11:30. The first round of bidding can only be lower than the “warning price” (the warning price in May 2015 is 75,200 yuan), but this round of bidding is equal to “white out” because there is a second round; the second round of bidding There is only one chance, but the problem is that each bid can only be up and down by 300 yuan at the "lowest bid price" displayed by the system at the time.
In other words, before the last minute, any bid is just a waste of the only bid opportunity. A long-term car license for the yellow cattle told the China Youth Daily reporter that the best bidding time is actually around 11:28, 29 minutes, and that time, 150,000 people are bidding. Most people will not be able to bid because of network congestion.
The problem of the design of the licensing system itself, coupled with the poor system of playing cards, directly led to the "people's resentment" on the issue of the cards. Following the above-mentioned "National Shoot, You Make Shanghai Shame" received over 100,000 hits, a WeChat article titled "Shanghai National Film CEOs Resign 12 Years in One Year" also achieved a high reading rate in a short period of time. And forward, like.
On June 10, in an interview with the China Youth Daily reporter, the East China University of Political Science and Law, who was suing the Shanghai National Films for the 100-yuan service fee, said that he had received a soft call during the day. "I didn't expect this." Things are so big, so they are concerned."
However, at the press conference of the Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission held today, Huang Xiaoyong, deputy director of the Social Propaganda Department of the Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission, stressed that there is no problem in the auction system. At the same time, the public security organs and the telecommunications department have also begun to analyze the abnormal traffic. .
Huang Xiaoyong said that Shanghai's license plate auction policy requires not only technological innovation, but also management innovation. He stressed that since the implementation of this policy, it has effectively controlled the growth rate of Shanghai's motor vehicles, but as time goes by, some problems have gradually begun to appear. At present, relevant functional departments are actively studying follow-up management measures, which will be announced to the public when they mature.
Can Huazheng students take the “big state-owned enterprises” down? So, how much does it cost to maintain a server for 150,000 people online at the same time?
The person in charge of a listed software company told reporters that 150,000 people are not considered to be a big business in the software industry at the same time. For a slightly qualified enterprise, there is no operational difficulty. It is represented by the 12306 railway online booking system. It is a medium-sized business that is “slightly difficult” to deal with the business of ordering 8 million people online at the same time.
According to a report by Chinanews.com, the 12306 website cost 330 million yuan. According to Xinhuanet's report, statistics from the third-party website "alexa.cn" show that during the holidays, the traffic of "12306" is close to Jingdong Mall, but still lower than Taobao.
However, the "cost" used by Shanghai Guopai to maintain 150,000 simultaneous online, from the perspective of service fees, is expensive. Even if the cost of the "material fee" that was previously guessed by the media was about 20 yuan, the price used by Shanghai Guopai to maintain the system was as high as 12 million yuan per month.
The reporter noted that there are three main reasons for the Huazheng “Public Welfare Dream Team” to initiate a lawsuit against Shanghai Guopai. The first is to violate the provisions of the auction law on the terms of the commission; the second is that 100 yuan per person per charge is not based on the pricing, the procedure is unreasonable; the third is that the national auction and the citizens participating in the license plate bidding are in an unequal position, and the relevant auction procedures The format clause of the fee violates the obligation of prompting, the rights and obligations of both parties are unfair, the principle of reasonable consideration of the contract is violated, and the obligation to participate in the bidder is aggravated, which is an invalid format clause.
As soon as the students sued the Shanghai National News, the lawyers were applauded and had many ideas. According to the members of the "Public Welfare Dream Team", they are reconsidering "in which direction the lawsuit is forced" according to the advice of professional lawyers.
The economic worker Yu Minghui suggested that while directly prosecuting the unreasonable Shanghai national auction, it can also be "realistic" with the relevant government departments, asking them to announce the basis and rationality of bidding licensees to pay 100 yuan bidding service fees, and The reason for the long-term fixed selection of the "National Shooting" license plate auction service agency.
It is reported that the Huazheng students sued the Shanghai National Filming Case and will be heard in the Shanghai Huangpu District People's Court.
At today's press conference, Huang Xiaoyong said that the Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission is conducting a comprehensive evaluation and will select enterprises with mature technology and excellent service quality to cooperate in the future.

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