How to control the WEDM more safely?

1, the power of the open: first open the AC voltage regulator, and then open the power switch, and then open the high voltage switch, wait 5 minutes to be able to connect with the negative line.

2. Trial operation: Check the output data of the power supply and the digital tube of the Xenon lamp. Enter the information for 5 minutes. After the test operation is all normal, you can start cutting the machine tool.

3, high-frequency power switch wire cutting machine tools should be placed in the off position before the switch, in the molybdenum wire operating conditions, can open the high-frequency power, and should be maintained at 60 ~ 80 volts is appropriate. Turn off the high-frequency power before parking.

4. When the wire-cutting machine tool is processed, coolant should be added. When the molybdenum wire touches the workpiece, check whether the voltage and electro-hydraulic value of the high-frequency power supply are normal and must not be processed under the condition of pulling the arc.

5. Do not touch the wire or workpiece with your hands or conductors. It is also not allowed to touch the switch or other electrical parts with wet hands.

1711 DP1 (1)

1711 DP1 (2)

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1711 DP1 (6)

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