Sumitomo SH210-6 excavator: the big pattern is more able to save time and effort

(Reporting on China's road machinery network) The innovative technology continuously promoted by the Leijiesite 6 Series Excavator Group, built by Sumitomo Construction Machinery, has achieved a comprehensive upgrade in terms of fuel consumption, power and safety. The self-cleaning engine SPACE 5+ and the new hydraulic system SIH:S+ from the Leiest SH210-6 excavator offer excellent fuel consumption performance and performance. Compared with the previous generation SH210-5, the SH210-6 can save up to 14% in fuel consumption and greatly improve work efficiency. At the same time, the new model can be equipped with a 270-degree vision aid system, with a newly developed enhanced safety cab and multiple comfort designs to further enhance the safety level.


Work performance

With the ability to optimize the matching of the engine and the hydraulic pump, the Sumitomo Construction Machine's unique spool stroke control (SSC) further improves the performance. By increasing the speed of the work, the digging force and the desired controllability that the body can feel are greatly improved. Efficient operation on site, reflecting its superior performance.

Increased operational efficiency

The spool stroke control (SSC) allows variable control of the hydraulic pump based on the user's operating conditions. Speed, power, softness, etc. can be moved at will, and work efficiency has been greatly improved.

Reduced recirculation time and operability

The accumulated working time of the digging bucket has a 4% increase in speed compared to the current SH210-5. At the same time, when it is necessary to perform micro-operation, the operational control is superior, and the large amount of soil and the operability coexist.

Improve horsepower control and automatic digging force

The recirculation time is shortened, and the horsepower of the hydraulic pump is also increased when the weight is excavated. In addition, when the power is most needed, the operator can feel the pressure output with pressure because the digging force can be automatically increased.


Confirmation of job status is also very simple

Job mode, walking mode, standby circuit, etc. Various operations are available through the integrated button. In addition, the working status can also be confirmed by the display.


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