Car insurance can not only buy, buy, and buy, but also retreat!

In the morning, if the leader consults the auto insurance department in the office whether he can withdraw from the insurance, he asked a lot of small partners and the editor silently began searching for relevant information. Car insurance can not be refunded? What are the procedures for car insurance withdrawal? What conditions? Hey, there are too many problems. We sort out one by one!

Can I withdraw my insurance after I purchase auto insurance?

Not all cars can surrender. After the auto insurance contract goes into effect, the statutory conditions must be met to opt out. So what are the conditions for surrendering cars?

Prerequisites for surrender of auto insurance

Looking at the relevant provisions of several insurance companies, basically the preconditions for the refund are more uniform, with a slight nuance, but the general direction is the same.

Business Insurance surrender conditions

1. The vehicle's insurance policy must be in the insurance period;

2. During the validity period of the insurance policy, the vehicle did not report the case to the insurance company or the claim could be surrendered. The vehicle that had received the compensation from the insurance company could not surrender the insurance; the vehicle that only reported to the insurance company and did not receive compensation could not surrender the insurance.

The above two can basically be found in the surrender clauses of several insurance companies. There are also some compensation clauses. I also put in some of them and we can refer to them.

1. Insured person repeats insurance coverage;

2. The insured motor vehicle is resold, transferred, and presented to a place other than the place of residence of the motor vehicle (the location of the motor vehicle is divided into municipal administrative divisions);

3. The new car was taken back by the seller due to quality problems or because the relevant technical parameters did not meet the requirements of the state that the traffic control department did not accept the account.

Stronger insurance surrender conditions

1. Insured motor vehicles are cancelled by law;

2. The suspension of the insured motor vehicle;

3. Insured motor vehicles have been certified by the public security agency to be lost;

(Note: This section of information refers to Article 16 of the “Regulations on Compulsory Motor Vehicle Accident Liability Insurance”)

In addition, to withdraw a strong insurance, we must first look at the effective date of the delivery of the insurance policy. If the insurance policy is not yet valid, you can apply for surrender. If the compulsory traffic insurance is already in force, according to the Regulations on Liability Insurance for Traffic Accidents of Motor Vehicles, if the conditions for surrendering are not met, no surrender will be granted.

Which materials are required for surrender?

Vehicle commercial insurance surrender material:

1, the withdrawal of the protection of the letter: specify the reason for the surrender and the time of surrender, if it is a unit of the car, you need to stamp the unit official seal, the private car can sign;

2. Insurance policy: The original insurance policy is required. If the insurance policy is lost, it will need to be re-issued in advance;

3, insurance invoices: In general, the original needs, it is best to make a copy;

4. Identification of the insured's identity: The unit’s car requires a business license, and the private car requires the owner’s ID;

5, documents verifying the reasons for auto insurance surrender:

(1) When the vehicle is surrendered due to scrapping of the vehicle, it is required to provide a certificate of retirement;

(2) For the surrender of the vehicle due to the resale of the vehicle, a certificate of transfer must be provided;

(3) When surrendering insurance due to repeated insurance, two insurance policies need to be provided to each other;

If you are surrendered because you are dissatisfied with the insurance company, do not explain it in the reason.

Vehicle Traffic Insurance Exemption Material:

1. Insurance documents such as original insurance policies, original insurance marks, and premium receipts;

2. The "personal vehicle for terminating the compulsory insurance contract" must be signed by the insurer and the vehicle of the unit should be sealed;

3. The original and copy of relevant proofs with legal effect (legal cancellation, suspension, loss, transfer, new vehicle withdrawal);

4. The original and copy of the insurance policy that should provide duplicate insurance of the same subject in the case of repeated application of “compulsory insurance”;

5. If the non-insured person handles it, the applicant shall issue a "Power of Attorney for Approval", stating that the Commissioner XX shall handle the XX correction of the XX vehicle. When the insured is a legal person or other organization, the official seal of the entity shall be affixed to the power of attorney; when the insured is a natural person, the applicant shall sign and provide the original identity card;

6. Applicant (when it is a natural person) and the applicant's ID card;

7, vehicle driving permit.

What is the surrender process?

Stronger insurance surrender process:

1. When surrendering a strong insurance surrender, you must submit an application for surrender to the insurance company stating the reason for the surrender and the time from when the surrender is required. Sign the letter or seal it and give it to the business management department of the insurance company. It is necessary to bring the relevant certificates (legal cancellation, suspension, loss, transfer, new vehicle withdrawal) with legal validity and original copies.

2. After reviewing the application for surrender, the insurance company's business management department shall issue a declaration for surrender, indicating the surrender time and the amount of the surrender fee, and withdraw the auto insurance bill.

3. The surrenderee shall hold the refund approval form and ID card and collect insurance premiums from the insurance company's financial department.

Business Insurance surrender process:

1. Submit an application for surrender to the insurance company

The owner who wants to withdraw from the insurance needs to prepare an application for surrender. The applicant must state on the surrender application the reasons for the surrender and when the surrender is due. The signature of the private car must be signed by the car. The unit’s car must be stamped and given to the insurance. The company's business management department.

2, the insurance company's business management department issued a withdrawal approval

The business management department of the insurance company will issue a copy of the cancellation certificate based on the application for surrender submitted by the customer, stating the time of surrender and the amount of the surrender fee, and withdraw your auto insurance policy.

3, receive refundable insurance premiums

After you get the endorsement, you can bring your ID card and receive the insurance fee returned to the insurance company's financial department.

Other matters in surrender

With regard to the percentage of refunds, insurance companies generally handle refund procedures according to days. The relevant specific algorithms require the owner to consult the insurance company of the relevant local brand.

The hesitation period is also a humanized system set by some insurance companies. Different insurance companies have different regulations. If they are surrendered during the hesitation period of the signing of the insurance policy, there will be a corresponding fixed proportion of fees that need to be deducted. The details need to be detailed from the insurance company. Inquire.

Repeated surrender will affect the renewal of the second year, so be careful about the surrender. If an accident occurs after surrendering, it will exceed the payable area of ​​the compulsory insurance to pay for itself.

Finally, because each insurance company will have slightly different details on the details, all those preparing to withdraw from the insurance, while preparing the materials mentioned in the text, it is recommended to call the customer service phone of the insurance company to learn more about the situation and then apply for surrender. Run more roads.

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