Dryer samples are also favored by grab dry desiccant

Yesterday, the reporter visited the Wal-Mart appliance area, Suning Appliance store, etc., found that the dryer has been sold out, when the stock is still unknown. In addition, desiccant and desiccant were put on the shelf and they were immediately emptied of space. Many citizens left empty handed.

In the Wal-Mart Xiamen SM store, the staff told reporters that the day before yesterday, nearly 60 new dryers were introduced and were snatched in less than an hour. The staff also said that the dryer in Xiamen recently was in short supply and it was difficult to purchase. It may be out of stock in the coming week.

Disposable underwear also became the "darling" of wet days. The reporter saw in the Watsons store inside SM City Plaza that there were only a few bags of women's disposable underpants on the shelves. The staff said that men had already sold out.

In Suning Appliance Lianqian Store, the reporter saw that only a few dehumidifiers were left in the mall, and the dryers had already been sold out. Staff told reporters that in the past few days, dryers and dehumidifiers sold more than 1,000 units, several times over the same period in previous years. The store is also out of stock, and some dryers will arrive in the next two days. "Even the samples are gone, some of them are underneath, and they are bought by customers," the staff member said.

In addition to dehumidifiers and dryers, desiccants and desiccants are also favored. Last night, the reporter saw in the shop of RT Art and Culture Arts that four staff members were putting desiccants and desiccants on shelves. The staff said that in the past few days, desiccants and desiccants sold very well and they were frequently emptied when they were on the shelves. They often had to replenish them. In the Wal-Mart Ruijing store, the reporter also saw several elderly people asking about desiccant and was informed by the staff that they had sold out.

Coal Activated Carbons are used extensively across the air treatment industry as a cost-effective method for odour control or removal of specific contaminants.

Additionally, granular Coal Activated Carbons serve as the substrate for a variety of impregnated grades for use against challenge substances not effectively removed by base carbon alone.

We are able to source high quality material paying strict attention (as tested by our UK labs) to the following characteristics:

  • Particle Size (as specified by ASTM, BS, JIS and many others)
  • Particle distribution (across meshes)
  • Activity (as measured by CTC, Butane or Iodine index)
  • Density
  • Hardness
  • Ash content
  • Impurity level (controlled through a number of standard and proprietary washing processes)
  • Dust content

Granular Coal Activated Carbon

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