Speeding alarm for vehicles, speeding alarm for vehicles, special vehicle safety management system

In recent years, recent traffic accidents involving various types of heavy vehicles such as trucks, mixers, tank cars, and passenger cars have occurred frequently. Most of them are caused by speeding of drivers. To reduce the accident rate, we have introduced heavy vehicles and trucks. The speeding alarms for motor vehicles, speeding alarms for mixers, speeding alarms for passenger cars, speeding alarms for oil tankers, etc. are all applicable, and the speeds of heavy-duty vehicles and construction vehicles are controlled to ensure the safety of general drivers.
Heavy-duty truck speed alarm, truck speed alarm, mixer speed alarm, engineering vehicle speed alarm

Speeding alarms and speed limiters monitor the speed of the vehicle during the driver's driving. When the car reaches the speed limit, the sound and light indicate speeding. The car slowly descends to a certain speed, forcing the driver to stop speeding. At the same time, heavy-duty truck drivers drive vehicles for a long period of time, they are prone to fatigue, and their attention is not concentrative. The acceleration of the driving process is not self-knowledge. The limited-speed alarm device emits audible and visual warnings to alert and alert drivers.
Heavy-duty truck speed alarm, truck speed alarm, mixer speed alarm, engineering vehicle speed alarm

Our speeding alarm uses industrial-grade speech chip, sound loud, clear sound quality, wireless installation method is more convenient (accept special application customization). With management function, remote monitoring, driving record function, our company has remote monitoring technology, custom remote monitoring system can be developed according to customer needs, GPS positioning, driver driving operation records, remote monitoring, can manage the company's heavy The two engineering vehicles, when abnormal behaviors were found, issued instructions remotely to warn the driver to pay attention to safe driving.

With the IC card management function, when it is found that the driver maliciously destroys the speeding alarm device, it is convenient to find the person responsible for the vehicle. Our products are customized and developed with special functions. The year is near. I wish everyone and the majority of drivers a safe home, happy New Year, round the round

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