How the best commercial vehicle should be selected

What is the best commercial vehicle? Many people may feel that the best thing is referring to the most expensive. Actually, the vehicle is ultimately a tool, especially a commercial vehicle. More functions are reflected in practicality, so for everyone, when buying a commercial vehicle, It is not necessary to choose the most expensive, but rather to choose the one that best meets their requirements. Only the most suitable one is truly the best. So when choosing a commercial vehicle, what are the perspectives that need to be taken into account and which aspects should be taken into account in order to find the most suitable vehicle? In this regard, we can learn more together.

For the selection of the best commercial vehicle, the first is the choice of price, the best mentioned in the foregoing is not the most expensive, but the most suitable, so we can first delineate the business car you want to buy The price point, in this way, can eliminate a large part of the vehicles that are above the price and do not meet their own requirements, so that the time for selection can be more detailed.


The second is the selection of brands for commercial vehicles. At present, the most popular and well-known brands of commercial vehicles in China are those that are more popular. You can choose the brands that you like better and have more favorable impressions, such as This is a brand like Buick. This is something that people can choose based on their own interests and preferences.

Third, for the selection of the best commercial vehicle, we need everyone to clarify their own needs for the actual functions of the vehicle. For example, how big is the size of the commercial vehicle? Five or seven, even bigger, etc. Waiting, so that you can choose among the corresponding models.

Last but not least, when choosing a commercial vehicle, it is also important to note that for the choice of vehicle appearance, commercial vehicles are often used to receive customers, so its appearance is also very important. The bigger the appearance, the more fashionable it becomes. It highlights its own strength, so when it comes to picking, everyone will also pick out some of the more attractive models.

U Channel Roll Forming Machine


Working principle:

Steel strip is made into U channel keel by machine through cold-bend forming technology.



U Channel keel produced by roll forming machine are widely used in construction, transportation and other industries. It is mainly used for roofing and wall of buildings, such as steel structures, airports, storehouses,etc.




2.Roll Forming System     

3.Punching system           

4.Cutting Device           

5.Hydraulic Station        

6.PLC control system       


Working Flow:

Loading coil – decoiling – guide feeding – main roll forming – hydrarlic cutting – finished products

 Working Flow


Technique parameters:

Processing material: aluzinc/galvanized steel/colored steel coil

Material thickness: 0.3-2mm

Main motor power:4kw(can change as request)

Pump power: 4kw

Shaft diameter: 75mm

Forming steps: 15steps and more

Roller material: high grade 45# steel, hard Chromium plating

Main frame: steel tube frame

Medium plate thickness: 16mm


Material of the cutting blade:Cr12

Control system: PLC computer control

Power supply: 380V, 3 Phase, 60Hz (can change as customers request)


Our U Channel Roll Forming Machine can greatly simplifie the production process and improve production efficiency. Customized profile keel roll forming machine can be produced.


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U Channel Roll Forming Machine

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