A good way to identify car accidents

For those of us who are increasingly looking to buy used cars, it is not the process of buying used cars that makes them feel the most difficult, but the process of identifying car accidents makes them very difficult. Because now some manufacturers will be difficult to refurbish the accident car with the naked eye, so the next Xiaobian will talk to you about some methods to identify the accident car.


First of all, to determine whether a used car is an accident car, the simplest and most obvious method is to test drive the used car with a friend who understands the car. The first step, when the car starts, we must pay attention to whether the engine is started very easily. At the same time, after the engine starts, we must listen carefully to the sound of the engine and whether there are other harsh sounds. If the sound is relatively heavy, the engine of the vehicle is problematic. Then, after starting, we must first check whether the strength of the wheel around the wheel is the same, but also to see if the angle he turned to is reasonable.

In addition, when we kill the steering wheel, we must look at the phenomenon of grinding tires. If problems arise in these areas, we must seriously consider whether such vehicles are accident vehicles. At the same time we must pay attention to the identification of noise when driving. Of course, we must also determine how well the car is sealed and the effect of sound insulation. If you hear the outside sound in the car is very large, or the engine's noise is very noisy or the engine has a squeaky sound, this suggests that the car is likely to be the accident car. Because only the accident car will appear such low-end problems.

So for those of us who are going to buy second-hand cars, Xiao Bian has provided us with some simple used car methods and I believe we should have a better guide for everyone. Before buying a used car, be sure to follow these good methods to identify the accident car so that it will not be unnecessarily lost in the process of buying a used car.

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