Difficult decision on high speed hit dog or crash

If Mom and wife fall into the river at the same time, ask: Who do you save first? Once this was a difficult choice, no matter who you rescued, it seems to be wrong, but it seems to be right. Of course, this issue has now been overcome. However, there is also a problem in the driving industry. If something is suddenly seen in front of the vehicle while driving, what do you do?


A few days ago, Mr. Lin encountered such a problem. On October 28th, Mr. Lin drove a Subaru buggy vehicle from the upper section of Fengjie to Wanzhou. After passing through the Hongshi section of the Hurong Expressway, the street guard pulled out a stray dog. So Mr. Lin rushed in the direction, but due to the rainy days, the vehicle hit the left guardrail and the right guardrail and the reinforced concrete guardrail of the bridge, and finally stopped in the carriageway.

In the accident, the right front wheel of the vehicle fell into the left lane during the impact. Immediately afterwards, Fang Fang found the central tire of the Audi A6 sedan and took an emergency brake decisively and stopped at the left lane. Zhou Mou driving Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan followed, found that the vehicle brake lights in front of light, but also follow the emergency brake, but unfortunately the distance is too close, only the front of the rear Audi behind the car, causing the vehicle right headlights, water tanks and other damage, the vehicle can not drive .

After the incident, several people immediately called for help and law enforcement officers quickly controlled traffic. Law enforcement officials introduced that after the scene investigation, the accident caused 3 vehicles to be damaged, of which Subaru suffered the most damage. The repair cost was estimated at more than 100,000 yuan. The Mercedes-Benz sedan was the second, but it also needed to repair tens of thousands of yuan. The Audi sedan is the lightest. To thousands of maintenance costs. Fortunately, the Subaru Land Cruiser finally bumped into a reinforced concrete guardrail, otherwise the vehicle is likely to fall to the right side of the slope, resulting in disastrous consequences.

This accident did not let Xiao Bian think of a driving test question: On the highway, it was discovered that someone or an animal in front was suddenly crossing and should be ____

A. Take an emergency brake quickly; B. Move quickly to the right and avoid it; C. Take decisive measures to avoid losses; D. Move quickly to the left to avoid it.

The correct answer is C. Because the average driver's speed on the highway is not less than 80 km/h, it is generally within 70 km/h to avoid it. At a speed of over 70 kilometers, it was already difficult to stop if small animals suddenly broke out. Therefore, the driver must keep the direction of stability. In the premise that the vehicle speed is high and it is not safe to determine whether the surrounding road conditions are safe in a flash, it may be the driver's helplessness but perhaps the best way to cope.

However, most drivers will subconsciously step on the brakes or fiercely hit the steering wheel to avoid these foreign objects, which can easily cause the car to run out of control and cause a disaster. After all, the protection of animals is based on human security.

In this regard, the law enforcement officer's suggestion is that if animal corpses are found on the highway, or if they are killed or injured, please do not clear the vehicle and you can choose to call the police. If you hit a larger animal, it is necessary to park in an emergency parking zone, but you should set up a warning sign, turn on the double flash, and check if your car has crashed to see if it is necessary to notify the insurance company.

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