An eco-friendly PU sponge foaming equipment

Introduction: In the currently used PU sponge foaming production equipment, there is a general occurrence of a large amount of gas harmful to the surrounding environment when the sponge foam is produced. However, all countries in the world are increasingly demanding environmental protection, and environmental protection law enforcement is increasingly standardized. Since 2016, one of the most important raw materials for sponge foam production, the price of TDI has risen linearly, from more than 10,000 yuan per ton at the beginning of the year to more than 50,000 yuan per ton at present, resulting in higher and higher production costs of sponges. The profits of production companies have also been greatly reduced.

An eco-friendly PU sponge foaming equipment

Focusing on the principle of sponge foam production, combined with the strict environmental protection requirements of various countries in the world, since 2009, our company (Taishan Shuli Bed Machinery Co., Ltd.) has invested a large amount of research funds and professionals every year to develop. Finally, in 2010, we successfully developed an automatic sponge sponge vacuum foaming machine for environmental protection materials, and through continuous technical improvement and testing, it became the only sponge machinery manufacturer in China to master mature technology.

SL-VF-S automatic sponge vacuum foaming machine has the following advantages:

1. Saving performance of sponge vacuum foaming machine: The principle of vacuum foaming is adopted to effectively reduce the influence of ambient air pressure on the growth of sponge during sponge foaming. The volume of sponge can be effectively increased under the same feeding conditions, and the raw material cost can be reduced by up to 20%.

2, sponge vacuum foaming machine environmental performance: the use of sealed chamber way to collect the harmful gases generated when the foam foam, and filtered through the filter device and then discharged, so that air emissions to meet environmental protection requirements,

3, sponge vacuum foaming machine to improve the quality of the sponge performance: sponge density consistent with the upper and lower density, uniform pores, top flat, without crust, greatly improve the sponge usage rate.

4. Sponge vacuum foaming machine has a high degree of automation: It adopts digital automatic control, feeding, stirring, demoulding, and output are completed automatically. It requires only 2 people to operate, and has high efficiency and low labor intensity.

PC bar Button Heading Machine 

This product is a special equipment for the hot button heading of steel bars in the Spun Pile industry. The machine body adopts a new integrated supercharger cylinder with simple structure, double speed and enhanced function. The loss rate of the finished product is low, the external dimension is beautiful standard. The core parts of heating are designed with eccentric rotation, high utilization rate and small consumption of spare parts. The electronic control system adopts the new design of the automatic controller, a key switch, the operation is simple, the failure rate is low. This product is mature and stable, with strong anti-jamming performance and long service life.

PC bar button heading machine

The technical parameters:





air source



Input voltage

Three phase,four wire,AC380V±5%,50Hz


Max capacity



Max clamp

air pressure 7.2kg∕cm²,50T


Max capacity of heading

air pressure 7.2kg∕cm²,16T


Loss of reinforcement strength in heading



 Maximum heat current

           about 5500A


Button heading steel bar dia.



Machine size

L×W×H=1250×1180×1300 unit(mm)


Machine weight



Same specification devide

devide left hand(model:z)and right hand(model:Y)two operations


Button heading operate time

Each about 12-16S

Button Heading Machine

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