Billion Guangye Coward: Sanan Optoelectronics LED Chips Increase Price LED Industry Climate Recovery

The LED industry's price-to-price competition has gradually become more moderate. When Ye Haofu, the chairman of LED packaging giant Yiguang, was interviewed on the 12th, he said that the price increase represents the recovery of the market, and if it continues, Killing prices will not be able to compete. He looked positively at the development of the 2017 economy and said that Everlight has locked in three major areas of Internet of Things, automotive and small-pitch LED products. Ye Haofu pointed out that the LED industry in 2017 will be better than 2016, because the popularity of lighting products has driven demand and related applications will continue to increase. Especially in the era of the Internet of Things, sensors are an important key component, and Everlight has a solid foundation in infrared and sensor products, and will have a good development in the market demand. The automotive market, including LED light sources, autonomous driving, and automatic identification technology, will drive demand for LED and infrared sensing products. In addition, Ye Haofu is also optimistic about the high growth space of the small pitch market, I believe that in 2017, billion light will be a big gain. Due to the decline in the price of LED lighting and backlight products in 2016, the proportion of total revenue of EMG is relatively low; the revenue of non-illuminated and non-backlit products accounts for 55%, of which the revenue of small pitch and flash products accounts for about 17%. The car use ratio is still in single digits and will continue to grow. Referring to the patent litigation problem that has been plagued with Japan for a long time, Ye Haofu admitted that he was hindered in the German lawsuit, but there are still appeal opportunities, so I believe that the problem will be solved. He stressed that Yiguang's products are patented and absolutely no infringement. At present, they have won in Japan, the United States and Taiwan, and are the only ones to win the Japanese-Asian lawsuit. As for the LCD TV manufacturers Vizio and TCL Group accused by the Japan Institute of Chemicals, whether or not they have adopted the Everlight LED backlight module, Ye Haofu only responded that Yiguang is not the only supplier, and must also regard the Nichia. The type of accusation can be determined, but Yiguang will not be affected, and will continue to confront Japan and Japan. In the short term, litigation disputes will be difficult to end.


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