54500-4m400/54500-Bm410 Auto Parts Control Arm Bushing for Nissan Sunny/Almera/Primera

  • Model NO.: 54500-4M400/54500-BM410
  • Certification: ISO, SGS
  • Condition: New
  • Oe No.: 54500-4m400, 54500-Bm410
  • Size: Standard
  • Trademark: DAS
  • Origin: China
  • Material: Rubber
  • Standard: Standard
  • Product: Bushing
  • Car Make: Nissan
  • Brand: Das
  • Specification: Standard/ OE
  • HS Code: 87089999
1. Suspension Control Arm Bushing
2. OEM: 54500-4M400, 54500-BM410
3. Fit to: Nissan Almera 2000, Primera 2002, Sunny 2003-2007

Lower Arm Bush:
1. According to OE design
2. Factory price
3. Good quality and professional service
4. Offer customized packing
5. Can produce according to your sample or drawing
6. Large stock for fast delivery
7. Small Order Acceptable
8. More than 5000kinds supplied

Our Advantage:
-Good raw material and advanced technology ensure high quality;
-Customized package to cater for your brand promotion
-Small orders acceptable;
-Various types and different car models supplied;
-Can design catalogue as per clients' request to help you develop new markets
-Many years export experience, well known about market demand
-All products are produce and inspect under ISO system

DAS AUTO focus on below car make:
Japanese car: Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Isuzu, Daihatsu;
European car: Renault, Opel, VW, Audi, Skoda, BMW, Benz, Peugeot, Citroen, FIAT, Land Rover, Volovo
American car: Ford, Chrysler, Chevrolet, GM, Buick, Dodge, Chrysler
Korean car: Hyundai, KIA, Daewoo

DAS AUTO Product Range:
Engine Parts: Engine Mounting, Transmission Mount, Insulator Engine Mount
Strut Mount/Silent block
Center Bearing
Control arm/wishbone/suspension arm
Ball joint
Wheel hub unit
Stablizer link, Tie rod end, Rack end
Air hose, CV boot
Rubber Bushing

Xiamen DiAngSen Import & Export Co., Ltd is a leading supplier of aftermarket auto parts, we specialized in engine mounting, transmission mount, strut mount(shock absorber mount), silent block, Control arm(wishbone, suspension arm), Ball Joint, Stablizer Link, Rack End, Tie Rod end, bushing, wheel hub, air hose, CV boot and other auto rubber parts.

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Item Rubber bushing
OE No. 54500-4M400,54500-BM410
Car Make Nissan Almera 2000,Primera 2002,Sunny 2003-2007
Material Iron,Rubber
Used for Aftermarket
Size Design and size same as OE part
Surface Beautiful looking to OE standard
MOQ If not stock,normally 50pcs,more quantity,lower price
Warranty 100% inspect products before delivery
Packing A:Inner plastic bag+ outer neutral carton  
B:Inner neutral box+ outer carton 
C:Customized packing
Delivery A: 3-7days if have stock  
B: If not stock,15-25days for LCL shipment,25-40days for container shipment
Payment A:30% deposit and balance pay against BL copy    
B: TT,L/C,Western union
Certificate All the products are produce under ISO system
Sea Port Xiamen,Guangzhou,Ningbo,Shanghai
Service 1.OEM service: Can develop product according to your sample or drawings 
2.Design catalogue as per clients' request to help you develop new market
3.Customized packing with logo   4. Arrange shipment to your warehouse
Advantage 1.Preofessional and honesty 
2.Large stock 
3.Factory price 
4.More than 5000 kinds supply 
5.Small orders are welcomed  
6.Excellent service,fast respond
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