Developing a New Approach to Bank-Enterprise Cooperation Dongfeng Liuqi's Consumer Credit Upgrade

Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile Co., Ltd. and Liuzhou Commercial Bank held a signing ceremony for comprehensive cooperation between banks and enterprises on the 17th. The two sides reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation on auto consumption credit business and jointly signed the "Bank-Enterprise Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement" and "Automotive Loan Cooperation Agreement."

Dong Dao Liu Automobile General Manager Cheng Daoran said at the signing ceremony that Dongfeng Liu Auto has achieved steady growth in its operating performance in recent years, especially after the successful launch of King Yi and Ba Long 507 products, it has become a strong competitor in the automotive market. In recent years, Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile has launched a consumer credit business, but it still lacks a cooperation platform to carry out this business nationwide. This time, both banks and enterprises have reached a new cooperation program with the support of the government to jointly create a car loan sales finance. The brand will greatly increase the sales capacity of Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile and strengthen the core competitiveness of Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile.

Liu Zhong, chairman of Liuzhou Commercial Bank, stated that Dongfeng Liuqi is an important pillar enterprise of the Liuzhou automobile industry and is also the production base of Dongfeng Motor Company's important trucks and light passenger cars in the south. The bank and the company signed an all-round cooperation. The agreement is a successful cooperation. It is a win-win agreement. It provides commercial banks with the opportunity to implement the country's “guarantee growth, expand domestic demand, and adjust the structure” and provides a great opportunity to actively carry out auto consumer credit business.

The Liuzhou municipal government also gave a positive evaluation of the bank-enterprise cooperation. The two cooperations have not only established a platform for deepening communication and ties between the two sides, but also established a stable mechanism for communication and cooperation between banks and enterprises, which is also of great significance in promoting the common prosperity and development of local economic construction and the financial industry.

Insiders pointed out that since last year, due to the impact of the financial crisis, China's auto companies generally lack liquidity, while consumer purchasing power has shrunk dramatically, and some companies even face the risk of breaking the capital chain, which seriously restricts the release of auto companies and rapid development. Through the government's establishment, banks and companies will establish a bridge for communication and a platform for cooperation to provide credit facilities for consumers to purchase cars. This will further promote the sales of automotive products, expand the financing channels of auto companies, and effectively resolve the bottlenecks in the development of auto companies. Promote the sound development of China's auto industry.

The comprehensive strategic cooperation between Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile and Liuzhou Commercial Bank will not only bring more convenience and assistance to the sales of passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles of Dongfeng Liuzhou Auto, but also will help the country that is eager to get out of trouble during the economic crisis. The automotive industry brings new vitality.
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