Foton Motors joint venture engine mass production this month

The Foton Cummins joint venture engine will be in volume production this month, and it will be first matched to the OMARCO light truck. It is understood that the assembly of Cummins 3.8L engine Omar light truck and will be listed in the second half of this month, starting at more than 110,000 yuan, which is Foton launched the first high-end light truck.

A person in charge of Foton Motor Marketing said that the 3.8L engine that is matched to Omarco is the first light diesel engine Cummins has introduced worldwide, so this product will also be exported overseas as a global model. This year, equipment In addition to satisfying domestic demand, Cummins Powered Omarco will also export 10 to 15 countries. It plans to sell 10,000 cars at home and abroad this year.

The matching Cummins 3.8L diesel engine emission reached the Euro IV standard and had the potential to upgrade in Europe. The fuel consumption was 5% to 7% lower than that of similar brands, and the maximum power was increased by 10 to 20 kW. In addition, the 2.8L Cummins engine will be in volume production later this year and will also be matched to Omar.

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