Sludge valve structure features working principle

Sludge valve for water treatment plants as the discharge of sewage sludge and wastewater tank. This valve is angular structure, the internal nylon reinforced rubber diaphragm, for long-term use mud valve. Dump valve main parts materials are: cast iron, stainless steel and nylon reinforced rubber. At the same time, mud valve main dimensions (flange connection size in line with GB4216) are: H: 125,145,155,175,200,225,275,325,375 DN: 50,65,80,100,125,150 , 200,250,300 Mud valve structural features Mud valve also known as cover valve, commonly used in urban water plants, sewage treatment plant sedimentation tank sludge discharge. Sludge valve suitable medium for the primary sewage, medium temperature should generally be less than 50 ℃, its working depth is less than 10 meters. Sludge valve generally has the following structural features: the valve cover comes with screw, shallow water depth can be directly manipulated by the handle; valve into a cone arched, self-oriented, open the operating force is small; screw and sealing surface with bronze, resistant Rot, wear-resistant. Can be used with flashlight dual-use hoist for computer control. Diaphragm hydraulic, pneumatic quick release mud valve generally have hydraulic mud valve and pneumatic angle mud valve two. The main features of the valve is the use of dual-chamber diaphragm drive instead of piston-type movement, no wear and tear, long life. Sludge valve products from the hydraulic cylinder and angle valve combination, the hydraulic cylinder driven petals lift, so that the valve opening or closing the body, in order to achieve the fluid off. Hydraulic cylinder piston seal is L-shaped cup, the sealing performance, durability. Valve and seat for the soft seal, sealing performance, no leakage. (Sludge valve) Hydraulic, pneumatic angle quick-opening mud valve or manual two-way directional control valve centralized control, easy to operate. Sludge valve working principle and performance Angle diaphragm type mud valve, generally used in urban waterworks, sewage treatment plant sedimentation tank sludge discharge. Sludge valve suitable medium for the primary sewage, medium temperature should generally be less than 50 ℃, its working depth is less than 10 meters. Mud valve is generally installed in the water company or other types of pools next to the pool, so that at any time to exclude sediment in the pool. The valve by the valve body, hydraulic cylinder, piston, valve stem, flap composition, the hydraulic cylinder is a liquid tool. Liquid as a motive force, piston, stem as a switch. Open only one minute to open the valve plate, the valve must be equipped with manual valve or solenoid valve for long-distance control of mud valve switch, mud valve sealing performance, switch flexible, easy maintenance, long service life, Life expectancy up to five years. Sludge valve is a hydraulic source for the executive body of the angle valve. Usually installed in rows at the bottom of the sedimentation tank on the outer wall to remove sediment sediment sediment and dirt. The valve hydraulic cylinder piston L-shaped cups, sealing performance, durability, valve sealing pair is also rubber seal, no leakage. But also through the electric two-way reversing solenoid valve remote control. Easy to operate, safe and reliable.

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