To promote the annual output of 10,000 units of 16-speed transmission projects, large teeth receive discounted funds support

Recently, the Shanxi Economic and Trade Commission and the Shanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission jointly issued a document and issued the 2008 Shanxi Provincial Technical Transformation Project Funding Plan. Among them, China National Heavy Duty Gears Corporation’s declared "10,000-thousand-thousand-thousand-shaft heavy-duty heavy-duty vehicle transmission project with independent intellectual property rights" declared by the company received a 4 million yuan subsidy from the provincial government, making it the largest loan discount in this plan. s project.

Dadai Company's annual output of 10,000 units of 16-block high-torque heavy-duty automobile transmission projects has been listed in the “Eleventh Five-Year” development planning project of large provincial and large group companies, and it belongs to the current auto parts investment projects encouraged by the state. At present, the project has completed a feasibility study report. This project was jointly developed by Big Gear and a famous European design company in 2005. Its product is a multi-range, high-torque heavy-duty automobile gearbox, and it has the current international advanced technology level. It is understood that the Big Tooth Company has developed the HW18710T full synchronizer gearbox on the basis of the 16-speed gearbox, which satisfies the needs of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group's export of automobiles.

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