U.S. provides a vertical impact drying equipment to Germany

This year, Metso successfully put into operation the transformation project for the No. 4 machine provided by Steinbeis Papier Glückstadt GmbH & Co.KG in Germany. The project includes a set of OptiDry vertical impact drying equipment.
This impact drying device with a cordless threading system can increase the drying capacity of the paper machine. When it is put into use, it will increase the speed of the car by 175 m/min and increase the output by 15%.
OptiDry vertical drying equipment is suitable for the transformation of the drying section. Its main role is to increase the drying capacity of the paper machine without increasing the number of dryers, thereby increasing the speed and yield. The device can be placed into the existing dryer section. After the transformation, the length of the paper machine will not increase, and the change to the drying section will be the least.
Steinbeis Papier's No. 4 machine is 4.6 meters wide and produces quick-drying offset printing magazine papers and multi-purpose office papers with a basis weight of 57-90 g/m2. All raw materials use recycled paper.
Steinbeis Papier Glückstadt GmbH & Co.KG produces high-grade printing paper with 100% recycled raw materials. As one of the three most sustainable companies in Germany, the company won the 2008 German Sustainable Development Award.

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