"One Belt, One Road" creates new opportunities, Turkey's LED business opportunities are full

In recent years, the LED lighting industry in Europe, the United States, Japan and other places has become increasingly mature, and the competition in China's domestic market has become more and more fierce, entering the era of scaling up and price. The establishment of the ASEAN Community and the promotion of the “ Belt and Road ” strategy have further increased the attention of LED manufacturers to Southeast Asia and the countries along the “ Belt and Road ” countries such as Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Turkey is the fastest growing economy in Europe, with manufacturing taking the lead, including food, clothing, and electricity. The realization of China's “ Belt and Road Initiative ” has created unprecedented opportunities for Turkey's transportation and logistics, tourism and foreign trade.

Turkey's real estate is in full swing, and the corresponding lighting and lighting market is expanding. With the rapid development of local construction, manufacturing and tourism industries in Turkey, per capita income continues to increase, people's lifestyles are constantly changing, and the number of residential and industrial buildings, offices, shops, sports fields, restaurants, hotels and other facilities is growing, and the demand for lighting fixtures It has also gradually expanded. The Turkish lighting and lighting market is expected to exceed $ 800 million in 10 years. Moreover, the Turkish market is full of traditionally colored mosaic stained glass lamps for home and decoration. LED lighting fixtures are the perfect choice for commercial use with their unique modern style and energy-saving performance.

In addition, due to its special geographical location, Turkey is regarded as a strategic market by national manufacturers. Turkey crosses the Eurasian continent, borders the Black Sea in the north, the Mediterranean Sea in the south and the Aegean Sea in the west. Therefore, after the products are exported to Turkey, they can be radiated to the Middle East, Europe and even Africa. Turkey has a customs union with the European Union, and the EU countries are traditional markets in Turkey; transportation from Turkey to major European countries takes only 6-11 days. Istanbul, Turkey is largely shared with European information. Get an up-to-date look at the European market by learning about the Turkish market. Enable enterprises to seize opportunities and strive for initiative in fierce competition.

Faced with this " tempting " market, LED manufacturers are naturally also doing their own tricks to grab the market. For example, the international LED giant OSRAM decided to invest in Turkey in 2011 to produce an accessory for LED lighting. Of course, entering the market by participating in various types of exhibitions is the most common and economical means. The 2018 Turkish Lighting Exhibition is also in the midst of preparations. For example, the 2018 China (Turkey) Istanbul Lighting Exhibition will be held on March 29th ( April 1st ); the 2018 Turkish Lighting Exhibition will be held in 518. From March 31st to June 2nd (); 2018 China (Turkey) International Lighting Exhibition will be held from September 21st to September 24th ().

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