horizontal lathe machine protective cover

The effect of horizontal lathe protective cover: in order to improve the quality and appearance of lathe machine, machine tools will be equipped with protective cover, Protective covers will be bent flexibly and be resistant to water, oil, sweat, dust and more. It can make Lathe Machine be able to adapt to high temperature and high pressure, high speed, friction characteristic under the bad environment.

Circular screw machine tool shield can effectively protect the screw, light bars, shafts, columns and other parts from dust and other special pollution and damage. It can do open or compression movement.

The materials of protective cover will be different according to different running environment of oil cylinder. There are kinds of flame retardant high temperature resistant material,ordinary material, constant temperature, low temperature materials etc.

Bridge type boring and milling machine/Bridge Type Milling Machine is widely used for rough and fine machining of large engine-base kind compoents  with complex shape,large box parts and various kinds of rotating components. It is espcially suitable for machining large precise components in ship building, power generation ,traffic,metallurgy and construction machinery industries and so on.

Bridge type boring and milling machine


Bridge Type Milling Machines

Bridge Type Milling Machines,travelling column floor type milling machine,Bridge Type Milling Machine

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