Kingq Tube Insulation for Tweco Brand Welding Torch

Model NO.: 35-70/71/72A/74A/75
Origin: Made in China of Chang Zhou
HS Code: 85159000
Product Name Type
Tube Insulation for TWECO Brand 35-70
Kingq Tube Insulation for Tweco Brand Welding TorchKingq Tube Insulation for Tweco Brand Welding Torch
All products in strict accordance with the GB/T15579.7-2005 electrical product CCC standards and technical requirements of production, the first to receive the CE certificate, the implementation of the EN68764-7: 2005 standard, the production of products supporting the countries of the world brand: 
Kingq Tube Insulation for Tweco Brand Welding Torch
Company mechanical equipment:
Multi-process Automatic Lathes
Single Process of Automatic Lathes
CNC workshop
Processing  Center
Kingq Tube Insulation for Tweco Brand Welding Torch
Sales activities:
2007  Nov. Chicago 
2008  Oct. Las Vegas
2009  Sep. Essen Fair in Germany
Shanghai Essen Show
2010  Oct. Beijing Essen Show
2011  Nov. Chicago 
Dalian Welding Exposition
2012  Oct. RUSSIA Welding Show
Beijing Essen Show
2013  Mar. Shanghai Hardware Show
2014  Mar. Shanghai Hardware Show
Contact information:
Factory: Sanqin Industrial Zone Qingyang Road Hutang Town  Changzhou City Jiangsu Province: 213162 China                             
Tel: 0519-86301676/86708081 Fax: 0519-86305876   
Web: /

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