Green energy heavy truck R&D and manufacturing new base completed in Shaanxi Auto

The only "heavy-card new energy research and development and application laboratory and research project" jointly established by Shaanxi Automobile Group, Xi'an Jiaotong University and Chang'an University, and the Chinese heavy truck industry was officially signed recently. At the same time, the first green declaration of China's heavy truck industry was officially launched at the press conference.

According to Yuan Hongming, general manager of Shaanxi Automobile Group, “I hope to use the heavy-duty new energy laboratory as a new platform and new starting point for Shaanxi Auto's development. Relying on existing superior resources, relying on scientific development, independent innovation, and seizing new green energy The commanding heights of commercial vehicle technology will create a new situation for the green new energy commercial vehicle industry, lay a solid foundation for the company to achieve a new round of leap-forward development and take off, and contribute to the development of new energy vehicles in China.” Chairman of Shaanxi Automobile Group Fang Hongwei When the “Shaanxi Steam Heavy Truck Green Declaration” was released, it also stated that “we will try our best to build a new base and industrial cluster for China’s leading green new energy heavy truck R&D and manufacturing, to create the world’s leading green quality new energy heavy truck, and to change China’s heavy trucks. The status of new energy technologies."

Shaanxi Auto, as the sole heavy-duty military off-road vehicle production base designated by China’s military, not only assumed and completed the nation’s first “863” two new energy major issues, but also the only domestic industrialization of new energy vehicles and heavy-duty new energy research and production. base. At the same time, it took the lead in developing the first domestic CNG and LNG new energy heavy trucks and put them on the market in batches, filling a number of gaps in the new energy heavy trucks. In addition, Shaanxi Automobile also made breakthrough progress in electric commercial vehicles and passenger car products. Green wagons such as electric wharf low-speed tractors, hybrid city trucks, and DME vehicles have entered the R&D pilot phase.

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