Attacked Guangzhou Auto Show Nanjing Iveco released a new car

On November 21st, in the graceful ballet performance, Nanjing Iveco's "Powerdaily2014" and Yuejin "Shangjun X300" hit the 11th Guangzhou International Auto Show with their two new fists. Leaders of SAIC, Iveco Italy and Nanjing Iveco Motor Co., Ltd. attended the press conference and publicly announced the price of the new car.

Entering the mainstream light-duty card market, Yuejin Shangjun X300 stands in the balance.

The newly introduced Shangjun series has three characteristics: leading style, high quality and middle price.

Modeling leader

Yuejin Shangjun X300's cab is compliant with the latest European designs, and it is beautifully fashioned. Compared with its counterparts on the market, its interior space is wider and rides are more comfortable.

High quality

The power chain system of Yuejin Shangjun X300 adopts Italian Iveco technology, adopts BOSCH high pressure common rail system, and the exhaust system adopts water-cooled EGR+DOC+POC system, which is environmentally friendly. The optimized configuration of the engine with a six-speed gearbox and rear axle demonstrates the features of high power performance and low fuel consumption.

As the suspension system with inverted-swing arm structure reduces the vehicle's center of gravity, it makes the high-speed driving smoother, and the chassis configuration of the models is fully improved, and it can easily deal with high-speed interurban logistics or complex road conditions.

In addition, X300 also uses the German ZF technology, combined with domestic advanced "limit corner limit technology", while strengthening the handling, while greatly improving the vehicle's safety and reliability.


The conference announced the price of Yuejin “Shangjun X300”, and the vehicle sales amounted to 66.66 million to 99.99 million yuan.

"Powerdaily2014" opens a new era of high-end business travel

Power Daily 2014

With the rapid development of the light passenger market, mainstream commercial vehicle manufacturers have launched luxury business models. Nanjing Iveco's PowerDaily 2014 was listed as Iveco's high-end light passengers. It was created by a team of technical experts from both China and Italy. It has synchronized technical strengths in Europe and China, including power, fuel economy, safety, and comfort. Optimized and upgraded new commercial vehicles.

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