Frozen Rain Weather - First Aid Measures for Vehicles

Frozen Rain Weather - First Aid Measures for Vehicles In the face of freezing rain, many car owners have a lot of “response methods”, such as hot water pouring windows, windshield wipers and so on. However, these practices are often prone to injury to the car, and it is recommended that owners learn some "emergency measures" for vehicles in freezing rain and snow.

The door is frozen: warm water or lighter can be used

In freezing rain or snowfall, rain or snow will infiltrate into the cracks in the car. Under the effect of low temperature, the car door key hole or door will be frozen, the key cannot be inserted, or it will not be moved; Often it will use all its strength and it cannot open the door.

In this case, avoid twisting the key or opening the door. This may damage the key or injure the paint. You can't pour the glass directly with too hot water, otherwise the car glass may burst. The owner can use warm water to icing. If you have a lighter on your hand, you can burn it at a distance from the door. Or you can inject a little lubricating oil into the door lock hole in advance, and apply a thin layer of grease on the sealing strip around the door.

The windows are frozen: Do not open the wipers to remove snow

The windows are frozen and owners often turn on wipers to remove snow. This is actually a kind of injury. If the snow covered by the window is thick and even ice has formed, using a wiper can cause serious damage to its plastic parts such as rubber strips. It is recommended that the car be equipped with a special glass snow shovel or a hard plastic blade to remove ice and snow.

Avoid scratching the glass when removing snow and ice. It should be moved in the same direction. Do not scratch back and forth. If the snow is thin, you can enter the car, increase the air conditioning warm air stall, and set it to the front exit mode. After a few minutes, snow and ice can evaporate.

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