Wiper maintenance guide

Wiper maintenance guide 1. When using a wiper to remove the dust on the surface of the windshield during sunny days, be sure to spray glass water and do not dry it.

2. There are other stubborn and hard dirt on the glass that should be cleaned by hand. These things are very easy to hurt the wiper blade, causing the wiper to be dirty. In severe cases, the wiper motor can also be affected.

3. When the car wash and daily cleaning need to lift the wiper blade, it is necessary to hold the “back” of the wiper blade and gently return it when it is released. Do not bounce the wiper blade back.

4. When using in winter, you should use ice shovel to clear the hail on the surface of the windshield so as not to increase the burden of the wiper.

When heavy rain obscures the line of sight, the consequences can be imagined without a dutiful wiper scraping off the unpleasant rain. At this time, you realize that there is a pair of "healthy" wipers that are too late. In order to completely protect traffic safety, you can't be lazy with the maintenance of the wiper.

To clean the wiper properly: especially sand, it is the culprit for wiper wear. If you do not pay attention to cleaning, it will cause increased wear and tear of the wiper.

Avoid high-temperature exposure as much as possible: The strong summer heat will test the rubber material of the wiper, which will cause deformation or loss of elasticity in the long term.

Product Application

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