Nanjing finds one month old dead finless porpoise to be expertly dissected

Nanjing found one month old dead finless porpoise reasons to be anatomical diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-05-22

A month old little finless porpoise inexplicably died
The cause of death has many kinds of speculation; the exact reason must wait for expert anatomy
At 11 o'clock in the morning yesterday, a worker near the pier in Nanjing's Shimonoseki Jinling Shipyard discovered that a small finless porpoise floating in the river with a length of 70 cm and a weight of 10 kilos was found in the river. Has been dead for a long time. Subsequently, the workers sent the body of the Jiangbao straits to the Fishery Administration Supervision and Administration Department. After expert identification, the finless porpoise was a young dolphin for more than one month. The cause of death needs further investigation.
More than 11 am yesterday, workers discovered a small finless porpoise that had died on the river. Judging from the degree of decay, it has been dead for some time. Due to the hot weather, a lot of flies have been attracted around the body, and the workers will soon be able to salvage the finless porpoise. The inspection found no obvious wounds on the body and could exclude the cause of death due to the propeller impact of the vessel.
Half an hour later, the body of the young finless porpoise was sent to the Fishery Administration Supervision and Administration Department. After the deputy director of the management office, Tang Zhebin, said that the finless porpoise was a young dolph which was only for about a month. There were many causes of death. It may be that the water quality of a section of the Yangtze River was not very good. Large, specific causes of death need to wait until the expert anatomy of Nanjing University can produce results. At present, experts from the Department of Biology of Nanjing University are studying its specific cause of death. Subsequently, the body of the young finless porpoise was buried near the sandbar island.
It is understood that the dolphins belong to the national second-class protected animals and are listed in the Convention on the Foreign Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. The Yangtze River finless porpoise is the only freshwater subspecies of the finless porpoise. It has been 25 million years old on the earth and is called a living fossil. Experts told the reporter that the population of the Yangtze River finless porpoise is currently only more than 1,000, and has shown a sharp downward trend, and it is already on the verge of extinction. It may soon become extinct in the wild in the next 15 years and is extremely endangered.
The middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River is a densely populated area. Human activities around it are intense, and the water environment of the Yangtze River has been severely damaged. The Yangtze River is known as the “Golden Waterway” and is the main shipping channel in China. It is very busy in shipping. Many human activities in the main stream of the Yangtze River and in the two major lake conservation areas cannot be fundamentally banned. The protection of finless porpoises in the reserve has been greatly restricted.
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