Tan Xuguang: Adhere to Innovation Drives Product Competitive Advantage

At the recently held Shandong Heavy Industry and Weichai Power's economic operation analysis conference in the first half of the year, Tan Xuguang emphasized that we must adhere to the drive of innovation to create product competitive advantages.

Weichai Power
Weichai Power

Tan Xuguang pointed out that whether it is based on the present or in the long-term, it is always essential to establish a competitive product to win the market. Each of our entity companies must unswervingly build the most cost-competitive, most core technologically competitive and most quality-competitive products. It is necessary to maintain investment in technology research and development, establish a customer-oriented R&D system, and focus on accelerating the development of strategic products; continuously improve product quality, strengthen quality control throughout the entire process, and resolutely eliminate batch quality accidents; and innovate business models, especially innovative marketing models. And post-market business model to enhance channel and service competitiveness.

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