Application of Soil Aggregate Analyzer to Study the Effect of Humic Acid Copolymer on Soil Aggregate Structure

Soil granule structure is an important characteristic of soil, and it is generally believed that there is a close relationship between the structure of soil granules and the quality of crop cultivation, and this correlation is positively correlated. That is, soil with good granule structure can ensure good plant roots. Growing, more suitable for crop cultivation. Therefore, in recent years, as society has become increasingly concerned about soil problems, the use of soil aggregate analyzers to determine soil aggregate structure has become a hot topic in the current study of soil problems.

Soil Aggregate Analyzer

The formation of soil aggregates is mainly formed by the binding of polyglucans, clay minerals, and iron, lead hydroxides and humus, which are secreted by various microorganisms. Soil improvement is currently the key to agricultural soil management. Synthetic polymers Soil conditioner is one of the most effective and fast methods to improve poor quality soil. People pay more and more attention to it. Therefore, studying the effect of humic acid copolymer on soil aggregate structure can provide basis for creating a good soil aggregate structure and achieve scientific improvement. The purpose of the soil is to increase the benefits of soil cultivation. Here, the measurement and analysis were performed using a soil aggregate analyzer.
In the test, different amounts of humic acid copolymer were applied to the soil, and then the soil aggregate structure was measured using a soil aggregate analyzer. The results showed that the application amount of the copolymer in the soil was 0.00%, 0.05%, and 0.10%. 0.20%, 0.30%, soil water content greater than 0.25mm granule structure content increased significantly, compared to the control, that is, the application of copolymer in the soil in the case of 0.00% increased by 63.2-124.9%. This also shows that the humic acid copolymer can significantly improve the structure of the soil, and has a significant promotion effect on improving the soil aggregate structure content.

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